Security has always been a high priority for modern business. The threat of stolen goods, thievery, and other malicious attacks keeps company bosses awake at night! Companies have always sought new ways to protect their business premises against intruders. Safes, locks, and new technologies have helped keep shops, offices, and factories secure from theft.

Unfortunately, there’s also a new threat to modern businesses. Cyber-attacks have become a very real and threatening problem. Some of the world’s biggest companies have fallen victim to vicious data breaches. As a small business, you must now contend with physical security threats and online threats. It requires a new, digital security plan to combat it. In this post, we’re looking at some of the most cutting edge technology for modern businesses.


We still find it quite strange that you can unlock an iPhone with your fingerprints. Yet, that is fast becoming the standard process for many businesses around the world. It looks set to become a common method of entry for buildings all over the place. You will soon start your car or van with a single fingerprint (great for company cars and business vans). You’ll use retina scans or fingerprints to access your company safe or sensitive information. We’re still just testing the water with this fascinating technology.

Motion sensors and pads

Burglaries and thefts are still a huge problem in the business world. Although our gaze has turned to hacking and piracy, there is still a real threat of physical intrusion. Our favourite way to help prevent it is by using motion sensors and motion pads. Partly because they’re the sort of thing you see in spy films. But mostly because they’re incredibly effective at what they do. Using them around the perimeter of your site, they can alert your CCTV cameras, and focus quickly on your intruders.

GPS trackers

GPS has become one of our most important digital technologies. We use it most often for mapping and navigation. However, it has another crucial application. By using tag systems, we can track our stolen equipment, and locate the culprits. It’s a fantastic way to make sure you never lose anything for good. We advise tagging all your most expensive equipment. Many businesses tag their laptops, vehicles, and other expensive machinery. They’re very easy to install, and you’ll thank yourself if something goes missing.

Encryption and digital security

We touched upon the notion of hacking and digital security early on. But, it’s more important than you think. A number of high profile companies have recently been hacked, including Vodafone. If these huge companies are vulnerable, then your small business is too! Invest in a sophisticated encryption system. This scrambles your data into unreadable code. Only the person with the encryption key has the ability to unscramble the data.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to business security. You need an all-round solution that incorporates each and every one of these technologies. Protect yourself from all sides; in the online world, and the real world. You never know when the next security breach might happen.