PUBG is a relatively new game that has redefined what Battle Royale was all about. It has taken the basic formula set apart by the mod that started it all back in ARMA 2 and made it much better and enjoyable. People buy PUBG for cheap and start playing the game, either on their own or with their friends. Each day they look to improve their gameplay and cross what they have already achieved. Due to its fresh take on battle royale and gameplay, it has become one of the most popular games on Steam and to be played in the online gaming community. It is both competitive and fun and essentially allows players to craft their own style of game and style.

They can either go for Kinguin PUBG or buy it from the steam store, dive into this world of guns, violence and gore. Furthermore, each player should keep a close eye on what their rank is on the leaderboard, where they stand in order to understand how to cross them and achieve more. For this to happen, after they have decided to buy PUBG for cheap, they must improve what they have learnt in the game and progress furthermore.

What are some Ways for PUBG players to Seriously Improve their Gameplay?

  1. Compensate for Bullet Drop:

Not every fight in the game of PUBG is limited to close quarters, building to building encounters. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to engage with players from far away, either as an aggressor or just in defense. Provided one has a weapon equipped with a 4x or an 8x scope, they can safely engage with far-away targets.

The main thing to remember in such engagements is to shoot at an angle and in a way that allows them to compensate for bullet drop. People who have started after opting to buy PUBG for cheap, must learn about the different bullet ballistics and how each gun’s bullet drop is different. Then, by compensating for this, one can hit targets far away, engage at their own will.

  1. Keep a Pistol:

One of the first weapons that PUBG players pick up when they land in any area are pistols. They are quite common and can be found in almost all places, even in places with no loot. They are quite handy in early situations where most players have no armor, and it is easy to kill using just a pistol. They can easily 2 shot someone in the head or 3 shot in the body for an instant kill or knock.

However, after one has got a primary and secondary weapon, most players make the mistake of throwing away their pistol. What they don’t realize is how important a pistol can be in a gunfight. It is much easier to switch to a pistol than reloading a primary weapon and as such, anyone can quickly switch to it, and shoot an opponent dead.

These are some ways for PUBG players to improve their gameplay and continue owning in their games. Pretty soon, they can cross new heights in the game, unlike they have ever achieved, on their own.