If you want your dream job, you need to put some thought and effort into how you are going to get recruited. Often times, getting the interview or landing the job is the hardest part of the job itself. So make sure that the right companies are noticing you. Use the creative tips below to get recruited faster by better companies:


Understand Your Potential Employer’s Values

There might be certain ways you can connect with potential employers that are not traditional. You might find you share a few passions while out on the golf course, for instance. You never know when values could open the door to business opportunities.


Make a Social Media Campaign

If you want to get more attention, you need a unique way to stand out. Nothing is more unique than a great social media profile. It puts you in front of potential bosses and shows your accomplishments to the world.


In essence, your resume today is really the social media presence you have. People will Google you when they want to know more about you, and therefore curating your social media profiles and posts is essential.


Think to yourself what kind of impression you want to have on potential employers. What elements should they notice right away when looking at your profile? When you answer these questions ahead of time, you can be free to fill in the blanks with posts that align with your overall goals of getting recruited.


Written Letter

There are few candidates today that will take the time to send a handwritten letter. Therefore, it is one of the least crowded channels to get a hold of a decision maker and improve your chances of getting recruited. Even consider hiring a professional writer if you don’t have the best handwriting.



You never know when who you know could make all the difference. When you network, you expand the people that you know. You will eventually increase the chances of having others reach out to you for positions, merely by virtue of doing what you do well. Find what kind of network you want to start, and go out to events, meet ups, and more. If they work in the same industry, there is a good chance they could know about an open position.


Making a Video

A video can easily be spread among peers. Once someone views it, they can pass it along to their hiring manager. It is also more engaging than other types of content. Consider if there is some kind of audition you can film or a short clip explaining why you would be a good fit for the company. These days, most smartphone and computers have cameras good enough to get the job done.


Optimizing Your LinkedIn

Don’t overlook LinkedIn if you are trying to get recruited. It is the Facebook of the business world. Anyone who is hiring or looking to be hired should be optimizing their profile on at least a weekly, if not daily, basis. LinkedIn helps you find key members in an organization faster so you can waste less time and get your dream job sooner.


Finding the Right Employer

Connecting with the right recruiters is not always easy. That is why sometimes getting pros to help you can be the best way forward. They can help you spruce up your resume, prepare for the interview, and even negotiate your salary on your behalf. They take a small cut, but sometimes that cut can be well worth it in the end. You just have to find the right opportunity for you and execute.


When it comes to getting your dream job, it is not always easy. However, with the right strategy you can overcome obstacles and get the position of your dreams. So use the tips above. That way you can set yourself for success now and later. And companies will be recruiting you every day.