When it comes to entertaining children, it is always a good thing to look at how you can plan the party around a certain theme. In fact, there are many childrens entertainers London that can help you plan for this sort of thing.
For the girls:


1) Barbie theme
By having a party with a Barbie theme, it will be hard for them to not feel excited about attending. Every girl who loves Barbie will have even more reason to enjoy themselves as they would have their friends with them, playing dress up with their new Barbie dolls plus there is cake! They are bound to remember this party for a long time to come.

2) Disney Princess theme
It is no secret that every little girl would have dreamt of being a Disney princess at some point and when you present this idea to the right childrens entertainers London, they will certainly be thrilled about it as much as you are!

A party with this theme should have plenty of costumes for the little ones to dress themselves in. Soon you will see plenty of little Jasmines, Belles and Ariels running around the house gleefully.
For the boys:

1) Cowboy theme
Every little boy loves the idea of being a cowboy, with the fancy hat and a trusty steed at their side. That is why you can give them this unique experience by planning for a party with a cowboy theme. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can even hire a pony where the kids will be able to take rides on.

IF you are intent on hiring one or a few, make sure that you always have experts on standby, people who know how to handle little horses and ponies. You want the party to go on smoothly and so you wouldn’t want to risk any harm to befall any child.

2) Astronaut theme
Little boys often love to explore because it is written in their DNA. Why do you think your little adventurer always finds himself climbing trees and over fences? He is simply responding to his instincts of being an explorer which is why a party with an astronaut theme is a great match with little boys.

You can have blankets decorate the room in wallpapers that show the planets and the stars. They could glow in the dark and with the people from the right childrens entertainers London, you can even have them attend the party dressed in astronaut outfits. This is sure to make them squeal with delight and you will automatically become the coolest adult on the planet in their little minds and young hearts.