The busy everyday life requires strict organization and easy recipes for the family dinner. In Bulgaria we seldom sit on the table without a tasty and well matured cheese. In recent years manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to quality, because connoisseurs of this versatile product hold on to it and are unwilling to make any compromise.

The dairy is also of great help to every housewife. The busy everyday life requires strict organization and easy recipes for the family dinner. Here are some interesting suggestions to optimize your cooking time:

A quick yellow cheese dish in the oven

Whatever we call this combination of foods that does not fit any tight frames, the result is always great. Some bet on potatoes to which they add different types of vegetables, cheese, eggs, spices, oil and finally bake it on top with cheese. Those who avoid potatoes prefer to use courgettes, broccoli or cauliflower. The speed with which you can mix it all is always enviable and the oven will do alone the rest of the dish in no more than 20 minutes. Sprinkle with shredded cheese, return briefly in the oven and sit on the table.

Mini pizzas

Pizza can be made not only from dough. Today we are more than creative in the kitchen, and healthy eating requires it too. You can create a palette of options – a part of the mini pizzas with a traditional dough base, which will be enjoyed by the children, and for the rest instead of dough you can use slices of zucchini, eggplant or sweet potatoes. The rest is up to you and the available products, but the cheese is a must.

Chicken steak

You will need chicken meat – breast or fillet to form pockets, filled with butter, parsley and yellow cheese. You can only bake them in the oven or pan them fry, as long as the frying does not bother you.

Take an example of the Italians who like and enjoy fine food. They make a mixture of spices, garlic and tomato sauce, to which they add parmesan and breadcrumbs. The meat is rolled and then heat treated according to your desire to achieve a tasty crispy coating.

Grilled yellow cheese

A supper that can be done in no time. You’ll only need five minutes to mix it, then put it in the oven and take a break while it’s baked. A generous quantity of grated cheese is mixed with a few eggs, 500g of yoghurt, baking soda, salt, butter, savory and half a glass of flour. Put all of this on a baking paper and you can now pour yourself a glass of wine while you wait – no more than 15 minutes until its coating gets a golden color.


A great summer recipe, and not only for the summer that will not take away any of your free time. Still, get some nice, when possible home grown eggs, just to recall that unforgettable taste of grandmother’s omelette. You know you can put in it all that is dear to your heart that you have available. In this way you can also serve spinach to children, and they won’t even notice. It just has to be pasted and not predominate in the omelet. Improvise, here you have a vast opportunity for self-expression!

Panned yellow cheese

A classics in the genre, as they say, but the modern version of the yellow cheese is a bit different. Many are avoiding heavy panning and have already acquired a device that fries free of fat and hot air – a fryer. Here you can prepare the cheese bites at a flash speed, without flour. If the eggs are acceptable to you, do not miss them. The cheese must be stiffer and mature, in order to maintain the shape of the cubes.

Frankfurters with yellow cheese

Another favorite dish not only for the youngest but also for their parents. It’s very importanthowever, to get sausages that are worth the investment. Look for businesses you can trust or visit a farm market. Thus you can be sure what are you putting on your table and thus allow yourself such a quick delicious dinner often.

Instructions may not be even necessary for many of you – the frankfurters are cut in the middle, cheese strips are placed and finally it is all baked for a short time. Immediately afterwards, you can pour colored salt or another favorite spice on them.