Funerals tend to be rooted in tradition. Whilst following tradition can provide great comfort in times of grief, many families choose to personalise their loved one’s funerals. There are more and more people out there that are now embracing creative ideas for funerals all across the world. Unique touches can be a great way of saying goodbye to someone that reflects their personality and character. So, if you are wondering how to plan a funeral and include an element of creativity during the service, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Organise a Firework Display:

Firework Display

Some people are choosing to include firework displays as part of funeral services to celebrate the life of their loved ones. A firework display can be a fitting tribute to someone who was known to be bright and beautiful. Just make sure that you follow all safety guidelines when lighting fireworks yourself. You could even go one step further and have your loved one’s ashes put into a firework for a triumphant way of scattering their ashes. This option isn’t for everyone, but it is a final farewell that friends and family will never forget.

Choose a Personalised Coffin:

People are becoming increasingly creative with coffin choices as a way of celebrating a person’s life and their interests. Some craftsmen specialise in creative coffins and offer a vast range of designs such as flowers, stars, national flags and animals. Some companies also do custom designs and can craft a coffin with a specific image. An even more creative option would be choosing a plain coffin and inviting friends and family to write messages on it for their loved one. Some people actually find this quite comforting and helps them understand the sadness and grief they’re feeling.

Give Away Books:


If the deceased loved reading books, then the chances are you are going to be left with a library that you may not be able to find a home for. A creative way to share their love of books is by giving them away to family and friends after their funeral has taken place. This way, they can take home a memento to enjoy in their memory.

Create a Memory Board:

Memory Board

The increasing presence of memory boards is mirroring the increasing interest in personalising funeral services. Memory boards are a great way to let people relive and remember the good times. They also make for beautiful keepsakes for families to read and look back on over and over.

Hand Out Seed Cards:

Seed Cards

Seed cards are a creative way of remembering someone who has sadly passed, especially if they love gardening and the environment. Seed cards can be personalised and contain seeds for family and friends to take home and plant as their own tribute. There are many companies that design and create personalised seed cards for funerals and orders can be easily placed online. Some funeral directors also offer such a service.

Be Creative With The Funeral Transport:

Black funeral hearses may be traditional, but you might feel that something a little more creative is needed for your loved funeral. In fact, more funeral directors are now starting to offer a broader range of transport options that can help match the personality and character of your loved one. More unusual transportation includes motorbike hearses and VW Camper Vans. Pushbikes are also increasing in popularity as they cut out carbon emissions and go hand in hand with eco-friendly funerals.

Personalise The Music:


There are many traditional songs and hymns that are often played at funerals, but this doesn’t mean that you have to include them as part of a funeral. Why not choose a couple of songs that your loved one liked and incorporate them into their funeral as a way to personalise it and make it even more special.

Choose a Theme:

There was a time when wearing anything but black at a funeral would be seen as disrespectful. However, there are now more and more people that choose to go out in style with a funeral that has a theme. Some sci-fi fans have requested Star Trek themed funerals, while others have asked guests to wear costumes that resemble cartoon characters. If this sounds a little bit too “out there”, themes can also be subtler. For example, guests could wear the deceased’s favourite colour.