While you might love to cook, it’s unlikely that you adore the cleanup after the main event. At times, you might even avoid cooking because you are too tired to tackle the mess you’ll make. You don’t have to avoid cooking because you hate the cleaning at the end. These tips should help with the cooking mess.

Prepping the Kitchen

When you’re organized, the kitchen seems less chaotic. Grab everything you’ll need before starting to cook. Bring out all the pans you’ll be using. Organize your cutting board. Grab measuring cups and spoons. If you don’t, you’ll remember you need that baking pan on the top shelf while elbow deep in flour. When you’re unorganized, it leads to dropped items and messy counters.

If you are trying to go from having an unorganized kitchen to an organized one, it helps to work in sections. If you start with one area of the counter and deep clean it before moving on to the next section, you can make the work much more manageable and time-efficient.

Clean Immediately

All the experts agree that you should clean your kitchen as you cook. This can be done easily by using a bowl for trash on the counter. Instead of walking all the way to the garbage barrel, you will have a place close to you. It might be helpful to keep a decorative container on the counter for compost waste too. It’ll save you steps in the kitchen. You can also wipe messes immediately. Instead of waiting for spilled sauces to harden, spritz them with water and wipe them as soon as they happen. It’ll save you from having to scrub the spots later.

Professional Drain Cleaning

This is a preventative measure for keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. There’s nothing worse than a backed up sink. You should never push food into the drain or send some foods down into the sink disposal. If you notice the sink is slow to drain, that can indicate a future problem. Contact a professional drain cleaning company like absewer.com to clear the drain.

Drain cleaning doesn’t sound like something that’s incredibly important, but keeping your drains clear and functional can make a huge difference in many factors of your home life. First of all, having drains clogged with particles of old food can cause your kitchen or bathroom to stink. Additionally, a clogged drain can prevent water from leaving the sink or tub, which can lead to mold and mildew.

Flexible Cutting Mat

When you’re cutting vegetables or meat on the cutting board, the cut pieces have to be pushed into a pan. With a wood or plastic board, you have to be careful or the pieces will miss the pan. With a thin, flexible mat, you can curl the edges and let the pieces slide right into the pan. Your vegetables or meat will never end up on the floor with this method, which can eliminate much of the clean up after you’re done cooking.

When you clean as you go, organize thoroughly before you start and use a flexible mat for cutting, you’re less likely to spend an hour cleaning afterwards. You want to enjoy your food without dreading the mess that awaits you.