Motivating children to do their own homework can be a daily challenge. Luckily there are a bevy of creative and cute online options available to help parents out. The internet is home to several exceptional websites that do more than motivate, they inspire with help that actually makes kids hunger for the next chance to visit. Check out these helpful online tools to help with the next homework project.

This versatile site offers more than homework assistance. It keeps assignments organized with flexibility to create interesting content that helps students learn specific standards. Homework can be tailored according to each student’s current level of comprehension. For example, several assignments in every content area can be labeled A through Z. Students are then given their work based on the category they have achieved during class time. Teachers must create an account and charges do apply.

Parents, students, and teachers have been using this resource for generations. It has a variety of unmatched homework assistance using programs that work with math problems and more. In addition, kids can find language arts, history, writing, and reading tools for completing projects. This site serves as a critical thinking assistant that encourages children to seek additional authentic opportunities. It delves into classroom lingo and reviews math strategies used by most kids. Once on the site, just look for the Scholastic Homework Hub.

The name says it all for this homework helper. There is a homework center that keeps reports from every subject accurate and students can find resources for mythology, times tables, and capitals of states and countries. There are interactive features such as conversion calculators, periodic tables, and calculating distance or finding longitudes and latitudes. A skills section focuses on writing, research, studying, listening, and speaking. The top of the page has links to a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, almanac, timelines, and atlas.

The Discovery Channel has developed a space for kids to find homework support with a variety of subjects. There is a special section called WebMATH that provides a step-by-step process for doing math problems. Students can plug in actual homework problems to get the answers or create their own for assignment reinforcement. Parents will also love this site for a section specifically to help them called Homework Help. The tab is located on the home page with a selection of content areas including math, science, English, social studies and more. Parents having difficulty with new processes in the areas of math or language arts will find the hand-holding feature a stress buster.

The advent of the internet has created a niche that tackles the difficulty of homework and even education. From essay writing tools and online editors, there is so much to find online that can bolster and improve any person’s education. Parents can make use of these ideas and programs like online masters degree programs in education to work on their teaching skills as well. Each of the resources reviewed above can aid parents and kids alike. One caveat is to ensure children use them as scaffolding tools and not cheats. Change the homework dynamics with these and other delightful online websites.