The concept of country home came up from the earliest times when industrialization had just begun. With industries and technology rising, the cities like Victoria, Queensland began flooding with migrants rushing to the city seeking better job opportunities. Since factories and mills had started to grow, job and vacancies started increasing as well. Therefore, the population started to rise at a high pace which was getting out of control. With pollution and population pestering the main city, the local residents started looking for ways to get out of the city life and yet stay in it. Thus, the elite came up with the concept of staying in the suburbs and work in the city. This became a popular practice among the middle class and poor community also. This was because of the lack of houses left in the main city due to the continuously increasing population.

The houses being built in the outskirts of the city were sometimes the permanent residence of the owner or were even sometimes used as vacation spots. This is where country home came into existence. The country, here, refers to the countryside which is also known as the outskirts of a place. People built houses here to get away from the busy city life and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful weekend. Since the idea came from the western country, there are many varieties that are now made to use in country homes construction in the western world.

The techniques and materials now used have undoubtedly evolved much since the industrialization. Though the concept has been kept the same, there are many changes in the construction that one must get a glimpse of, especially those who are into architecture and construction.

Country Homes Construction

Country Homes Construction

  • Simple construction: If you have ever paid attention to the buildings that were built before the industrialization, you must have noticed that the walls and other parts of the building were kept heavy to support the massive walls that were created to control adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains and snow. With the advancement of architecture, the house walls got thinner and the windowsgot bigger to get more natural light inside. With better techniques, even the roofs and ceilings were made lighter, with weight enough to stand against snow storms but light enough to not bend columns.
  • Nature influenced: As the name suggest, country homes construction is done to transmit peace and relaxation to the residents. Since the people want it outside the city to get closer to nature, the construction takes place in a way to take the residents closer to nature indeed. The construction usually takes place around green areas and even if the greenery is not much around, the architects or builders face no problem creating the green, close to nature environment around. This would make the surroundings way more comfortable and relaxing.
  • Open areas: Unlike city houses, the properties that are sold outside the city, are much cheaper and prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Since it costs less, the owners try to add on as much open space as possible. For example, the kitchen garden is a trendy add-on. Such open areas give the house a more airy look and make it look luxurious. The terrace gardens along with a farm are one thing that clients demand the most in their country homes construction. The country homes are demanded in bigger and open areas for many purposes such as parties, get-togethers and even for storage basis.

The points discussed here are the key differences that you can consider when comparing an ordinary city house with a country home. The construction techniques are also easy in case of country homes when it comes to actual practice.