Growing up he was the one your mother warned you against. Watch out for that good-looking, smooth-talking bad boy, she said. He’s the one who will sweep you off your feet and then break your heart. But who really listens to their mother’s advice when they’re young, anyway? Even though you knew it was wrong, going out with that bad boy felt so right, and you just couldn’t resist. More often than not you’ll end up looking back and saying, “Yeah, Mom was right,” and you’ll wish you never fell for that bad boy’s misleading, charming ways. But what if maybe, just maybe, Mom was wrong? Could that bad boy actually be the right one for you?

What’s So Good about Boys who are Bad?

Why do women fall for the bad boys? And what is it that makes a boy “bad” anyways? The bad boys are the ones who ooze sex appeal and confidence. They believe in their own attractiveness so much that they convince you of it, too. They go against the grain and do the things you want to do but are afraid to try. They’re fun because they’re dangerous. It makes them so bad, but also oh-so-good. Every young, impressionable girl thinks the bad boy is the manly man who will take care of her. Most of the time they’re wrong, but sometimes the bad boy turns out to be prince charming in the end. Your relationship with a bad boy may bloom in certain cases.

Are They Really All that Bad?

Appearances aren’t everything. Boys are bad for all different reasons. Maybe they’re just following in the footsteps of their male role models. Maybe they just have an inflated ego or a poor sense of responsibility. But maybe they’re just trying extra hard to cover up their soft interiors. How can you tell them apart? You can’t, unless you try to get to know them. The trick is to keep your distance until you do. Don’t let yourself fall hard right away. Remain skeptical. But don’t judge him and give him a chance. If you can get past the rough exterior, you might end up finding the bad boy is really the one.

How Will You Know?

How does anyone really ever know that they’ve found the one? It’s just a feeling you can’t describe. Before you let yourself get too involved, you’ll have to honestly evaluate your bad boy. He may like to have a lot of fun, but at the end of the day does he do the responsible things he should? Or is he still living like a wild teenager? Most importantly, how does he treat you? Does he treat you like just another conquest? Or does he treat you like a genuine princess, as a prince should? It is possible that his bad boy attitude is all for show. On the other hand, if you truly find that he is that bad boy to the core, move on. One day he might grow up, but you don’t need to waste your time waiting to find out – the one is out there somewhere else, bad boy or not.

Michelle Leigh is a fashion expert and experienced dater who loves to share and write about relationships.

Photo Credit: derfusi