For every marriage that occurs this year, 45 percent will end in divorce. In some areas, it’s a little higher than that. Essentially, when you get married, it’s the equivalent of a coin toss. You might live happily ever after. Or, you might find that it falls apart after a few years. There’s no way to tell whether you’re going to be one of the lucky ones. You might feel good about your relationship, confident that it will last. There’s no guarantee though and every possibility that something does go wrong. But we want to consider whether divorce is always the right decision. The answer, of course, is no and there are too many people who see it as a quick fix. That said, there are certain situations where a divorce is the only option for you.

An Affair

Have you ever heard the phrase, once a cheater, always a cheater? Well, this is perhaps one of the truest statements about relationships that you can find. We’d like to say people change, but they don’t. If they cheat once on someone, they will cheat again. Either physically or emotionally, they’ll do it again. Usually, this is because they’re not getting something they want or need from the relationship. This does not mean the relationship failing is the other person’s fault. Their needs might be unrealistic, but you can not stay together. The trust will be gone and every time they are away from you, you’ll be left wondering. Will he, is she? Quite frankly, that’s no way to live your life. Unfortunately, it has now been revealed that a lot more people cheat than many realized. There was even a website designed to have affairs in private which millions of people were revealed to have used.


There are plenty of different kinds of abuse. Physical, emotional and even manipulation. You may not recognize if your spouse is abusing you if it is an emotional attack. However, try to remember that emotional attacks can be just as damaging as physical abuse. It’s the same situation. You feel trapped in a relationship that you can not escape or consider leaving. You think your marital vows gave you a duty to stay with this person. In sickness and health takes on a whole new meaning as you realize your partner is not well. One of the earliest signs of a relationship like this is when you first meet. They might lie about themselves to impress you, or to make them seem more attractive. They could change their entire identity to suit what you want. This is a sign of a sociopath, and you might now be married to one. Don’t suffer in a relationship like that any longer. There are plenty of law practices such as Skillern Firm that can help you gain freedom.

What About Children?

There is a belief that if you have children, you should try to avoid a divorce. This is because evidence suggests that children of divorce are more likely to suffer social issues. While this is true, there is one thing that you must remember. Staying in a loveless marriage could be just as harmful. Don’t assume staying together will benefit your children because it might not. They will be suffering through a divorce in everything but name.