With so many controversies surrounding cosmetic surgery, people tend to imagine the worst possible scenario when they are considering various procedures. Most people are not even aware of the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery, and assume that “it is basically the same thing.”

The following article will help you to understand why millions of people choose to undergo a surgery to improve not just their esthetic look, but their quality of life in general. The subject that definitely needs to be addressed is the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic surgery

Two completely different types of procedures! Please, bear in mind that this sort of thinking is outdated to say at least, and any expert, doctor, or a well educated person will correct you if you make a mistake by not separating these two types of surgeries. The confusion is rooted in the idea that plastic surgeons do plastic surgeries, which is true, but they also perform cosmetic procedures, and there is a vast diversity.

The goal of a cosmetic surgery is entirely esthetical, focused on one’s appearance and overall looks. They can be performed in areas around the neck, head, and body, and the main factor that separates this type of procedure from a plastic surgery, is the functionality and recovery of patients. This type of surgery is non-compulsory, and it is entirely your decision, unlike plastic surgery which is considered as almost necessary. Plastic operation is focused on reconstruction of facial imperfections or body defects, caused by trauma, injury or due to birth disorders and diseases. By its type, it is entitled as a reconstructive plastic surgery, and to understand this problem further, we will provide some obvious examples of each type in particular. You will notice, among other things, that cosmetic surgery isn’t strictly a surgery at all times.

Cosmetic surgeries:

  • Face, neck and a mid neck lift;
  • Liquid face lift, a procedure performed with fillers;
  • Rhinoplasty, which is now successfully preformed without any operation;
  • Revitalizing procedures of hands and fat relocation;
  • Breast augmentation;
  • Liposculpture, which not just relieves the patient of body fat, but also includes transfer of fat, relocation and shape sculpting to provide a natural and athletic look;
  • Abdominoplasty, which many patients perceive as almost mandatory after losing a significant amount of weight.

Plastic surgeries:

  • Breast reconstruction, or any other type of reconstruction for that matter, presuming it involves necessary implants;
  • Lower extremity reconstruction, with variations from basic to complex procedures;
  • Congenital defect repair, including repair of the cleft palate and extremity defects;
  • Burn repair, which is performed by relocating the portion of the skin in most cases;
  • Scar corrections and revisions and wound closure.

Cosmetic Surgery as a Friend

Although breast augmentation is the most popular operation still, and recently a Botox face lift procedure, many people choose cosmetic surgery not just because of its physical benefits, but to regain confidence, and for the sake of their health. Not just mental health, although cosmetic surgery is primarily popular because of its confidence boost effect.

Some procedures, such as abdominoplasty, have a positive effect on your future health condition. Swiss doctors reported that the majority of the patients that removed their excess of skin and fat, also had no troubles in maintaining their ideal body weight, and keeping extra ponds off became really easy. At the same time, reducing extra fat around the stomach helps lowering the risk of diabetes type 2, with patients that have a genetic predisposition.

Rhinoplasty can help fixing your deviated septum, improving oxygen flow and function. Blepharoplasty can improve your eyesight. There are many other health benefits, and if you are considering a cosmetic surgery, find a cosmetic surgery clinic in Sydney to inform yourself about possible procedures and their potential benefits or risks. The key thing is to be realistic, but your quality of life can improve in many ways. You can find again that long lost motivation, regain your self esteem, rejuvenate and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

Believe it or not, although women still make the majority of patients, a radical increase of men choosing these types of procedures is reported as well. Even a 16% increase per year, to be exact. And why wouldn’t they? We all want to look good.