One of the major challenges faced by enterprises is to increase the communication between the employees.

Since low communication leads to lesser work productivity, a solid internal communication system is mandatory in the corporate industry to keep the employees aligned with the company.

To encourage increased internal communication, Workplace digital signage emerges as the perfect solution to increase the employees’ work efficiency, further leading to an increase in satisfaction amongst the stakeholders.

Even though Corporate Digital Signage may sound monotonous and unneeded, you will be surprised to read about the many benefits this phenomenal communication tool has to offer.

Continue reading the blog till the final verdict as we have compiled a set of uses of how leveraging a Corporate Digital Signage can change the scenario of the workplace!

The Various Ways In Which Corporate Digital Signage Can Improve Internal Communication

  • Boost The Morale Of The Employees

Since we all are going through a dangerous second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, it does leave an impact on our minds mentally. Your employees are going through a similar situation.

Even though corporates are taking necessary measures and reducing the number of employees attending the office, it is a moral imperative to make them feel energized.

Greet the employees in the morning with a motivational/inspirational message and motivate them to start their day with enthusiasm.

  • Showcase Your Concern

Your employees will feel valued when you showcase your concern to them. Utilize Digital signage to give them time to time reminders to wear their masks, wash their hands thoroughly especially before they proceed for lunch, give frequent notifications to maintain a safe distance, and sanitize hands in between.

By displaying such timely notifications, the employees will be pumped up to take extra care of themselves in the office and will also feel cared for by the organization.

  • Acknowledge The Best Performers

Digital Signage can be utilized by the corporation to display details about the best performers of the month and their details like their name, their department, and the laurels achieved by them.

You can also display the personal hobbies of the employee along with their motto in life. This will inspire the best performers to perform even better and instill motivation in other employees to do better and boost their performance level too.

  • Display Crucial Details During Meetings

With the help of Digital Signage, you can reveal important information of the overall productivity of the department per week or month by displaying critical information like statistics, graphs, crucial numbers, and milestones achieved.

You can also leverage digital signage to plan tasks for the upcoming weeks and monthly targets.

Through digital signage, you can showcase these details more engagingly and attractively by using more visuals and less text. Moreover, it is a known fact that Visuals grab 10 times more attention than written texts and as compared to other means.

  • Create More Engagement With A Social Wall

One effective way to enhance internal communication and increase employee engagement is by displaying a social wall on digital signage.

This can be performed by encouraging the employees to tweet about their regular day at work or to click a picture with a fellow employee or solo in the office and post it on their social media accounts using a special hashtag or mentioning the organization.

Using a highly responsive social media aggregator tool, you can collect the content easily and further display it on Digital signage to increase interaction and engagement.

Apart from the employees who posted, the other employees would feel encouraged and motivated too.

  • Overall Improved Work Culture

The organization is formed by its set of employees. If the employees are happy, satisfied, and content with the atmosphere of the organization, it would ultimately lead to increased communication at the workplace.

Using Digital Signage you can effectively lighten the atmosphere of the organization and make it more lively by displaying details about employee’s birthdays, marriage anniversaries, work anniversaries, or a congratulatory message if they have a new member in the family. The key is to be a part of the employee’s happiness.

This will result in a more efficient and better work culture in the organization since a happy employee would put in the best efforts and work to the best of their ability always!

Final Thoughts

Enhanced Internal Communication in an enterprise would ultimately result in overall increased work productivity and efficiency of the employees of the organization.

Bid farewell to the old traditional methods of emails and messengers and convey your message and bind the workforce together since by using the old techniques, there is a high chance of miscommunication and messages not received by the employees.

With the help of digital signage at the workplace, you can bring an active work environment, increase workplace communication and the employees can deliver better results!