Your Core is Calling

Would you like to have a stomach that is tight and flat? If you answered yes, you are not alone. A nice flat tummy is a great sign of health, youth, and beauty. The internet is full of workouts that can be done for the tummy, but there are many people who feel like they will never be able to obtain the flat abs that they are looking for. The truth is that there is a science behind the importance of a good core. A flat healthy stomach is more than an attractive quality in a body. A flat stomach is also beneficial for your whole body. In this article, we will talk about core health, why it is important, and give some options that you have when it comes to obtaining a nice core.

A Tight Core Your Balance and Your Breathing

Basically, your core is the tree trunk of your body. Since that is the case, the stronger the trunk, the stronger the branches. When your core is tight and healthy, your legs and arms are in better form, and you also have better balance. Your core is made up of a system of muscles and ligaments. Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that are needed to stabilize your breathing muscles. This means that a healthy core can help you to have better breathing.

A Strong Core Helps your Posture and Movements

In order for you to have good posture when you are standing or sitting, good core muscles are needed. You want to be able to maintain an erect posture; the stronger your core, the more erect that you will sit and stand. When it comes to your body’s movements your ab muscles play a huge role. Your ab muscles act like a girdle to your back muscles; when your abs are strong, your back will be strong as well. On the other hand, if your core is weak, you could begin to develop back problems.

Workout Your Core

Since having a strong core is so essential to the health of your bones and muscles, you do well to keep your core strong. Like any other muscle in your body, your core muscles need to be worked out regularly, and these muscles also need to be consistently challenged in order to build core strength. This can particularly be the case for women. A woman who has had pregnancies can suffer from something called diastasis recti; this is a separation of the abdominal walls. While pregnancy can cause this separation, improper exercise can also be a cause. A moderate ab workout and stretch routine can bring about a natural diastasis recti repair. A good ab workout does not have to be extremely hard or long. You can have healthy and strong abs with a workout routine that lasts between only 10-30 minutes a day.

Floor: Ab Crunches

Crunches are one of the more popular exercises for the core. In order to do an ab crunch, lay on the floor with your hands behind your head; your arms should be stretched out in an arrow position. Next, you are going to take in air in order to hold your abs tight. Finally, you will lift up your back off of the ground in order to contract your abs. As you lower your head down, exhale and release your ab muscles. This exercise can be done each day. Start off with just 10-15 crunches, and then gradually work your way up to more.

Standing: High Knee Raises

If you are a person who does not like to exercise on the floor, then there is a great exercise that you can do for your core while standing. With high knee raises, you are able to get a good cardio workout while training your abs. With high knee raises, you lift up your knees for a high jog. Try to make your knees go as high as they can. As you raise your knees, hold your abs tight. Your abs will be working hard to raise your knees and keep them in place.

Put Your Core First

Total body health is the goal for most individuals. While it can be difficult to eat well and workout, the benefits of having a healthy body are exponential. A diet full of vegetables and low in carbs will also aid in the fight against belly fat. Your abs are important to the entire structure of your body, so take at least 10 minutes out of your day, and improve your trunk with a moderate ab routine.