Capsule wardrobes are a perfect way to have a condensed version of what would otherwise be a closet stuffed full of clothes. Identifying the key elements of your outfits helps you narrow down the items to what you truly need. The trick to making the most versatile capsule wardrobe possible is to be sure that each piece can be coordinated with all of the others. A successful capsule wardrobe can be used all season and will cover all occasions. Start with base pieces, add in special occasion pieces, then sprinkle on accessories and you will have the perfect coordinating pieces to last you the whole season through.

Color Palette, Textures, and Patterns

One of the most important steps to creating a capsule wardrobe is to establish your color palette. This should be kept to between five and seven colors in order to maintain consistency. You may want to start with the neutral shades you enjoy most and add in pops of complimentary colors. Try beige, black, and white with pops of blush pink and mint green. Or maybe you’d prefer shades of grey, black, and ivory accompanied by mustard yellow, burgundy, and navy. Whatever color palette you choose, be sure to choose colors that complement each other and suit your style. Once you’ve established a color palette, add texture to your wardrobe with lace, denim, tulle, and other interesting fabrics. Add variety with prints such as polka dots, stripes, herringbone, and florals. If you’re feeling really daring, throw in a few pieces with sequins or rhinestones. Anything that coordinates and suits your style is fair game here.


The second most important component to building your capsule wardrobe is style. It’s important to tailor your wardrobe to the style that you are most comfortable wearing. If you have a style with a feminine flair, try incorporating soft elements like blush pink, florals, and pearls into your wardrobe. If your style is more daring, deep shades and leather will be right up your alley. Is your style a bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? If you find yourself unable to apply any one label to your favorite pieces, try incorporating a bit of both so you can switch it up day by day while staying coordinated to your other pieces. On the days you feel a little out of the box, a leather jacket can be worn with a tulle skirt just as it can be worn with destructed denim jeans. No matter what your style, be sure that the pieces you choose are all either of the same style or are able to be mixed and matched for an interesting new look.

Choosing Your Pieces

When choosing the pieces for your capsule wardrobe, it is important to consider the occasions in which your outfits will be worn. In this case, we are creating a wardrobe for the winter season, so you should take any holidays into consideration. Also be sure to consider the climate where you will be wearing your wardrobe to be sure you are always as comfortable as you are stylish. To keep things simple, start with the basics. Choose your basic pieces that will be the building blocks of every outfit. These are the pieces that are worn the most. Start with black pants, denim jeans, a little black dress, and a basic white tee. Try looking for soft, comfortable pieces such as those found at Lularoe. Add your textures to your basic pieces such as a tulle skirt, a leather jacket, or a polka dot sweater. If you will be attending any holiday parties, try a sparkling sequin dress or a bright colored high heeled shoe. Those living in snowy climates should be sure to add warm pieces such as wool coats, plaid scarves, wool socks, riding boots, and puffer vests.