With so many coffee options available on the menu, have you not taken the risk of going beyond ordering a cappuccino or an espresso? You may have been shy to ask the barista the difference between Cold brew vs. Espresso. No worries, as we have listed here all the coffee types you will find on the menu and what they actually contain.

1. Espresso:

This is one of the most well-known coffee drinks, a single shot of coffee, with an intense flavor because no extra hot water or milk is added to it. This is the most basic coffee drink brewed by forcing hot water through finely grounded coffee beans. It is also known as short-black coffee.

2. Doppio:

This is also called double espresso coffee. Doppio is the Italian word for double. It is a double shot espresso with no added milk or hot water. Hence, the drink is highly concentrated and strong.

3. Cappuccino:

This is a popular breakfast coffee in Italy and all over the United States as well. It has one part espresso shot and added milk with forth on top and chocolate dusting to finish. It is considered a coffee that brings comfort when you indulge and is the most loved coffee type.

4. Latte:

This again consists of a coffee espresso shot with added milk and foam on top. The amount of milk is so much that it cuts the bitterness of the coffee. Many times, flavoring syrups are added to the latte for people who love sweet drinks.

5. Mocha:

This is a form of latte with an added sweetness of chocolate. It is prepared by adding chocolate to the espresso shot before adding the milk. It can also be made by adding chocolate to the cold milk before frothing.

6. Cold Brew:

This is a coffee brewed by placing coarsely grounded coffee in room temperature water and allowing it to steep for an extended period of time. So, the brew that we get is highly caffeinated and less bitter. So, is cold brew stronger than espresso? Well, the caffeine in cold brew coffee is similar to double shot espresso.

7. Cold Drip:

This is similar to cold-brewed coffee in a pour-over device. The only difference is that this process uses cold water instead of room temperature water, which takes much longer.

8. Americano:

This is a very popular breakfast coffee, which originated during World War II, where soldiers would add more water to their coffee to dilute it to save their coffee rations longer. This is a diluted form of espresso coffee while the caffeine is still high.

9. Macchiato:

The word Macchiato means stain mark. This coffee is called Macchiato as the creamy steamed milk leaves a mark on the surface of the espresso. It is finished with a small layer of foam on top. Flavoring syrups can be added to it as per the customers’ preference,

10. Long Macchiato:

This is similar to short Macchiato, except it consists of a double shot of coffee around 60 ml. This is a taller version of macchiato.

11. Flat White:

This coffee is similar to a latte with added milk, where no air is incorporated when it is steamed. The end result is a coffee with espresso and steamed milk with no froth.

The Bottom Line:

Once you understand the type of coffee, you prefer the next step would be to pick the right bean you would like your coffee to be made with. Understanding the right coffee type you would prefer and developing your taste for it takes some time. You should always try out the different types of coffees to see what you prefer the best.

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