Nowadays, more and more young women want to start a career in online modeling, driven by the desire for high earnings, yet hesitate to enter this world on the account of the many wrong or negative opinions expressed in online and in the media.

To get to the truth and find out what really lies behind the webcam model myth, we’ve contacted one of LA’s top webcam models working for a premium studio. She agreed to answer all the questions we threw at her and help us get a clear picture of this activity.

Reporter: When did you become a webcam model?

Adele: I was 21 years old when I started online modeling. That was before I joined the current agency. I left home for college and was tired to be supported financially by my parents. Plus, I really wanted to get my driver’s license, buy a sports car, travel the world and wear expensive clothes. I guess these are the usual things every girl dreams about, but my folks are not wealthy – I wouldn’t have asked them to buy me that stuff.

I learned about modeling from other girls at college and I’ve also seen a bunch of online talks and debates stating that you can earn great, so I just jumped into it. I started streaming from home and, after 3 months during which I’ve earned somewhere around 300 bucks, I found out that I wasn’t on the right track to making my dreams a reality, but I wasn’t ready to give it up just yet.

R: How did you become a webcam model for the biggest agency in the world?

A: Well, I suppose it was the usual job-searching hunt: I browsed the jobs sites searching for the best offer. I’ve had heard good things in the past about the agency for which I work today, so I was pleased to find out that they had the best offer out there. After reading online what some of the girls there say about the webcam model job they have, I went to an interview and saw with my own eyes the luxury rooms and the great environment. After that, I had a talk with a webcam model working there and she told me all about the atmosphere and the team. That chat convinced me.

I guess I took into account the fact that I was able to work legally in an environment so luxurious, and the team there was ready to support me in every way. I’ve never had any problems as a webcam model there: I’ve always received the payment on time, and the training helped me gain confidence – I was still a little shy. I managed to surpass a lot of fears, to grow personally and professionally, and to realize what’s really important in life.

R: What are the preconceptions surrounding a webcam model?

A: Well… most people just think it’s an easy thing: you just take your clothes off and the money start pouring. Since working here, I’ve learned that things are not like that at all. To earn $3,000 each month, you must keep a working schedule and pay attention to the training sessions.

Firstly, a webcam model has conversations with people all over the world. Most of them are lonely men that face a stressful job, so they just wish to relax and to be listened to and understood by someone. Thus, you must be positive, smile all the time, give out a good vibe and help people confide in you. You must be their friend, their virtual girlfriend, the person they trust, and a good keeper of secrets. Once you master all that, you start thinking about the physical qualities.

R: If a girl wanted to become a webcam model, what advice would you give her?

A: I realized quickly that people will always judge you. The most important thing to do is give yourself some time to get all the information about this activity. Then, if you are convinced about what you want to do next, find a professional agency that can offer you the best working conditions. Stick to a schedule and have fun at work! This is the only way you can earn big from being a webcam model.

All and all, it’s your life that you need to take care of, so what people think is irrelevant. Plus, you can choose who you want to tell about what you do at work, but my advice is to tell the truth to the people who are close to you. They will be able to understand you.

I’m happy with my life after 3 years of working as a webcam model. I have the sports car I’ve always wanted and I also own a condo in a great location… which I was able to pay in full. Of course, I worked really hard to make this come true, but it was worth it! I don’t have to make monthly payments to a bank and I can now help my parents financially. My advice to any girl that wants to become a webcam model is to pick a top agency, go to an interview, see the conditions with her own eyes, and talk to the models working there. What not to do? Well, don’t ever listen to rumors or judgmental opinions!