In Australia, you’ll find numerous full-time home inspectors and even some who are moonlighting as house inspectors. 

But when do you need to contact a home inspector? 

Well, there are two conditions when you must contact a home inspector, either when you’re purchasing a home or selling one. 

It’s imperative to get a home inspected by a professional home inspector before you buy a home. 

Many of you might think, Buying a home is already so expensive in Albany, why should I hire a professional home inspector and fork over additional hundreds of dollars?’ 

Well, you must know that a home inspector is a certified professional who walks through the home and evaluates its condition. They generally look at all the major systems and components in the house to determine if any urgent issues must be dealt with or which might occur in future. 

Their evaluation may help you in cracking a best possible deal by bargaining the quoted price or even cancel the agreement (if the house has some significant issues).

To understand what all a home inspector checks, let’s now discuss what exactly their home inspection covers. 

What all does a home inspection covers? 

The home inspectors may vary in their ability, experience, and thoroughness. Still, a good inspector will investigate specific components of the home and then present a report of their findings. 

Usually, a typical inspection might last for 2 to 3 hours. 

While it’s nearly impossible to list everything an inspector would possibly check for, the following list may help you with a general idea of what you must expect: 

Interior Inspection 

The inspector is bound to conduct a thorough inspection of the interior of the home. Whether you ask for it or not, they will inspect everything from the ceiling to the cabinets under the sink. 

  • Electrical Checks 

Starting with the wiring of the house, the inspector will test all the outlets and make sure all the ground fault circuit interrupters are functioning correctly. Other significant checks will include HVAC, service cables, entrance conductors, circuit interrupters, light fixtures and many more. 

  • Plumbing Checks

The inspector is likely to check all the faucets and showers for their water pressure and any visible leaks. Also, he or she will identify the quality of pipes in the house, are any of them visible? How old are they? And if any of them may require replacement anytime soon. 

  • Bathroom 

The inspector will check for all the visible leaks, adequate ventilation and properly secured toilets along with other definitive issues. 

  • Fire Safety 

Fire rating is one crucial factor of any home inspection in Australia. 

If the home that’s being inspected has an attached garage, the inspector is likely to ensure the wall has proper fire rating and has not been damaged in any way that may compromise its fire rating. 

They can also check if the smoke detectors are working correctly or not. 

Exterior Inspection 

The inspector will come to your house and also conduct a full inspection of the outside structure of the house. They’ll climb up the ladder to check the roof and even examine crawl spaces under the house. 

  • Foundation

Mostly the foundation isn’t visible, and hence the inspector will not be able to examine it directly. But they can check its condition via secondary evidence such as cracks and settling. 

  • Exterior Walls

Despite the property being new or old, the inspector will check for damaged or missing sidings and cracks. Also, he or she might examine whether the soil is in excessively close contact with the bottom of the house, which might invite wood-destroying insects. 

  • Roof 

The inspector will investigate the areas that can allow the entrance of water to home due to roof damage or poor installation. They might check for the cracked or damaged mastic around vents and also the loose, missing or improperly secured shingles. 

Bottom Line 

A home inspection in Albany may cost you a little bit of money and time. But in the long run, you’ll be glad you did it. 

By performing a home inspection, you can get a report on all the hidden problems that you must get fixed. Doing this will prevent you from inadvertently purchasing a money pit. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, hiring a home inspector will give you a crash course in home maintenance and also a checklist of items that might need attention to make the house as safe and sound as possible.