Astrology, though not science, is in the category of metaphysics – beyond the physical. It studies patterns and relationships of planets in motion, birth charts, the make-up of elements to find meaning. It’s similar to other ancient theories based on energy patterns like feng shui, acupuncture, palm reading, and acupuncture. Mastery of Astrology is inclined to the intuitive arts.

According to Astrology, the planetary movements influences time. There’s a Celestial clock which records the each person’s moment of birth. The birth signifies the fixed energy based on the planet placements which fills up the birth chart. Moreover, the relative positions of celestial bodies reflect the potential meaning behind human affairs and natural world phenomenon.

Thus, a lot of people depends on their chart to discover their inner self. However, a lot is going on in a person’s chart. There’s the planet, sign, and house to consider. Most astrologers draw their map on Greenwich or somewhere near the GMT area. The different time zones explain why a horoscope publishes today may be valid tomorrow or yesterday. The accuracy of the prediction depends on your location.

How to Ensure the Success of Your Dating Relationship

Other fields exist in the study of astrology. These help you ensure if you’ve found the right match for your personality. They also gauge your level of compatibility other than palm reading. Still, don’t take them by heart as you still have full control over yourself and your decisions.

  1. Natal Astrology

Your moment of birth dictates the map of the heavens (your natal chart) which determines the possible scenarios in your life. Birth charting or natal astrology is useful for uncovering more about your personality, talents, and possibilities – in short, a personal guide to life.

  1. Horoscope Astrology

It uses an astrology chart tracking the location of planets on a given day. It surveys one’s current experiences as the planets move. The planet’s movements and your natal planet positions result in events and possibilities in your day-to-day life.

  1. Horary Astrology

The astrology is known as predictive astrology. It uses the chart of the moment of the question. The reading answers any question asked by the person.

  1. Synastry Astrology

If you wish to discover the areas of challenges and support in people, use synastry astrology. It focuses on how people get along by overlaying one natal chart to another. Romantic readings use this type of astrology but still applies to family, friends, and colleagues.

Discovering Thyself Through Birth Chart

When in the dating scene, it can be difficult to appreciate your lifelong partner or significant other when there are missing pieces of yourself. Astrology can shed some light regarding part of yourself that remains unclear.

In-depth learning on the characteristics of each planet and sign gives the essence of your personality. Each zodiac has a reputation and energy to match. These stereotypes are more often than not apply to each person. It’s best to use them to fill your observation than making them a permanent brand.

The Sun sign in your birth chart is the basis for your dominant personality. The rest of the details in your birth map such as your Moon and Ascendant or Rising sign tells your story. You can also use the trines, and sextiles get more out of your natal chart.

Using Astrology to Test the Waters

The signs and zodiac give clues and insights on their match and preferences. Therefore, you can use it when selecting the people you wish to connect with or establish a relationship. It shows you which personalities are potential red flags and prone to clashes. As Astrology examines the long-term view, it becomes beneficial for couples and other relationships as the insights help them grow.

The Sun sign helps you unveil information about a potential love interest or the person you are dating. It’s characteristics fill you in the dynamics and the potential of the alliance. Most of the person’s reaction and qualities will depend on his or her Sun sign.

Other than the Sun sign, exploring the 7th House provides the physical and mental inclination of each person. The house rules marriage and spouse.

Calculating the Future Through Astrology

No can predict the events of the future through Astrology. Consequently, information form Astrology isn’t set in stone as the planets continuously change their positions. One can only calculate and observe the influence of gravity as a basis for the possibilities in their life. Though Tinder does a satisfactory job of finding date matches for you, the best match will always be the one you got to know on a deeper level than most.

Your moment of birth can share insights on your personality but the time you spend knowing your partner and working out the strains of your relationship is the ultimate compatibility check.