Corporate communication particularly that involving the employee and the employer plays a key role in fostering good working relationships. It does not matter whether the boss is a cloud security access broker or a manager at a local restaurant, communication is critical. When there are excellent links, an organization is bound to meet its targets and its employees will advance in their careers.


For this reason, the staff needs to learn how to communicate with their bosses in their places of work. Below are ways in which employees can improve their communication skills especially when dealing with their supervisors;

Build a relationship

For a great connection to bloom, there must be an existing relationship. An employee should strive to build a cordial relationship with their boss. The way to building this bond is through sharing of work progress often so that the employer is on par with what is happening in the office. Staff members could also request their bosses to share their sentiments about certain work-related projects. When employers feel engaged, they will find it easy to talk to their workers and involve them in activities to help them develop their careers.

Often concur with the boss

It is easier to communicate with someone there is agreement about certain issues. In order to often concur with the proprietor, it is advisable to spend time with them. Ideally, senior executives and their juniors should talk frequently in order to get things done. Studies indicate that the more time one has with their boss, the more they agree with them. Staying on the same page with the administrator enhances overall communication.

Offer solutions to problems first hand

Organization’s heads expect their employees to be always several steps ahead with things especially when a problem comes up at work. Members of staff who anticipate the needs of their employers beforehand are observed as problem solvers and leaders. It is therefore essential for employees to study their supervisors keenly in order to know when they are required to come in and assist.


One of the ways to achieve this is by checking whether they have pending work whose deadline is fast approaching and offer to help. It is important to note that communication in the corporate world had changed and is no longer top-bottom. The employee will capture their bosses’ attention based on how much issues they try to solve independently. Aside from being seen as responsible by thinking ahead, such employees secure favor before of their employers.

Ensure the boss looks good

Company’s principals are normally the vision bearers of the organizations. Employees are people who ensure that the vision is realized. Therefore, staff members should identify the things they can do to make their employers work easier. It does not mean that they be on their bosses’ beck and call, they should also focus on their duties, develop and build reputations for themselves. Companies are judged based on their bosses performance which is also dependent on the employee input. Thus, employees should ensure they shine at work in order for the boss to look good.

Communicate effectively

Every supervisor has a method of communication they prefer. Some like emails, some prefer phone calls while others face to face chats. Workers should identify what method appeals to their bosses and ensure they often use it. Simply, knowing how to communicate and becoming willing to go by their choice strengthens the working relationship. Additionally, employees ought to learn how to communicate with their seniors on a personal level. This includes asking them on light note how their weekend was and how they are managing certain issues they may be handling. Bosses are normal people dealing with similar matters like everybody else. When their juniors show concern, they are bound to be appreciated.

Demonstrate accountability

Everyone wants someone they can count on to take up responsibilities. It’s the same case in the workplace, supervisors want accountable people whom they can work in close collaboration with and delegate duties to when the need arises. Hence, employees should demonstrate leadership qualities and it makes them look dependable. Additionally, it makes them seem trustworthy and this enhances communication with the senior management.