We are living in times of perfection where no flaw is tolerated. A decade back, plastic surgery was seen as a rescue procedure for cases that required reconstructive surgery due to accidents. Well, that is past and now anyone can become what they want to be through an improved approach of cosmetic surgery. The world over, celebrities are leading to have the procedures done on them from facial improvement, but enhancement, boobs reduction/increase and many more.

As if that was enough, plastic surgery was a feminine world, now men have joined and everyone is obsessed with their looks. Oh! Looks is everything they say, right? Cosmetic surgery has helped those disadvantaged by accidents or conditions warranting some improvement. You can dig in depth information to capture top common types of plastic surgery.

Today, plastic surgery is no longer a part of the medical field but an extended field of beauty enhancement. Let’s see some of the common types of plastic surgery patients are having.


This procedure is mostly applied to patients who are overweight and would like to have the excess fat removed. For this one, surgery is done to suction fat from the various parts of the body to allow the patient to have a slimmer body and a shapelier silhouette. After undergoing surgery, you can resume your normal work in two to three weeks.


There are patients not at all happy with the look of their nose. Therefore, to have their nose designed to blend with the shape of the face, they undergo rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery). The surgeon may cut the size or refine the nose until it balances the right pleasing appearance. Also, in some instances, some patients have difficulty in breathing due to deviated septum and surgery can rectify the condition. After the procedure, two weeks are enough to heal and be able to work as before.

Breast Lift

Breast lift is done to the patient with poorly shaped breasts or sagging breasts to a more appealing shape. The majority of patients who undergo the lift either had pregnancy which leaves the boobs deflated or weight loss effect. If the breasts appear smaller than before, some ask for implants to make them fuller. The healing process takes a maximum of 14 days and from there you can resume work as normal.


Blepharoplasty is a type of surgery that involves reshaping of eyelids. The procedure helps patients with sagging skin have an impaired vision as it blocks the normal view. The sagging of the skin may even make you look older than your age; therefore the surgery restores the vision getting rid of obstructing skin completely.

As the procedure is done, the lower eyelids showing wrinkles are reduced as well to bring a youthful look to patients. So, whenever a cosmetic doctor is involved they don’t just deal with the problematic part, but also try to balance the overall outcome of your body part for better results. The healing may take two weeks to heal completely and resume normal activities.

Forehead Lift

The forehead lift is somehow similar to a facelift and it helps to clear patients with wrinkles on their forehead. During the procedure, those with furrows above the eyes benefit from the process as their extra skin is rectified. Also after the surgery, the eyebrows get elevated making your look to appear youthful and alert.

It is advisable to wait the healing process take effect completely before exposing your face when engaging with your daily activities.


Patients who have gone through the surgery can testify how the procedure has helped them restore normal lives. Plastic surgery has helped to boost self-esteem which overcomes mental and psychological issues. So, you can see plastic surgery is not for celebrities but as well for normal people like you.