If you find yourself feeling tired a lot of the time, then you are not alone. The statistics show that fatigue and lethargy are some of the most complaints that people take to their doctor. So it might be helpful to at least appreciate that there are others suffering with the same problem. However, chances are, you probably also want to know what you can do about it. To answer that question, you first need to get to the bottom of why it might be that you are always tired. There are a huge amount of factors which can influence this, so it is definitely worthwhile seeing your doctor if you are concerned. However, there are some really common causes which you might want to bear in mind. Let’s take a look at some of those causes now.


First things first: it is important to point out that it is probably unlikely that you are ill. Of course, only a medical professional will be able to tell you that. However, it is worth knowing the possible illnesses that can lead to or exacerbate tiredness. One of the most common of these illnesses is anemia. This is a condition characterised by a lack of red blood cells. This almost always has fatigue associated with it. Or you might be suffering from thyroid disease, which causes muscle fatigue in particular as well as unexplained weight loss. More seriously, another illness which can cause long term fatigue is diabetes. Again, there is no reason to believe you have these – see your doctor to rule them out.


Hormonal Imbalance

Often, the reason for your lack of sleep or excessive tiredness might be that you have a hormonal imbalance. This can either be something you were born with, or something which developed later on. Similarly, it might or might not be a long-term issue. It could be just that you are currently going through some changes. All sorts of hormonal imbalances can affect you in this way, making you feel tired or lethargic. A sudden drop in testosterone can occur in males at any time, and this often leads to intense tiredness. If that happens to you, you might want to consider a natural test booster to temporarily raise your testosterone levels.

Environmental Factors

Sometimes the reason for your tiredness is quite straightforward. If you are sure that it has nothing to do with an illness or a chemical imbalance, then take a look at your lifestyle. Are you living in a way which encourages a decent amount of sleep? If not, it might be worthwhile changing something in order to get more sleep. If you are overly stressed at work, for example, this can easily lead to you feeling tired all the time. Similarly, if there is something on your mind frequently, you might have trouble getting a decent eight hours sleep a night. Work on building a life which happily supports your sleeping schedule. This is one of the best things you can do for your health in general.