First timers searching for bouncy castles and similar fun items online often fail to understand how they can book online. Even if booking a unit is managed, those looking for cancelling orders, or demanding a refund often end up in sheer bewilderment. The reason is, of course, a whole lot of misconceptions related to online booking, as well as to the vague instructions that a number of bouncy castle hiring agencies end up putting on their websites. So when it comes to an average (read first time or irregular) bouncy castle hire, it is ideal to go for a physical visit to the agency for booking. However, to understand if you are going to the right service provider, make sure you call up the customer care center and make the queries that you cannot go beyond…

Here’s a glimpse of what you might want to ask…


Q.1: Should You Pay In Advance For A Booking?

Most of the reliable Bouncy Castle Hire Northampton suggests paying a tiny portion of the actual booking amount to ensure the reservation of the inflatable. If you find paying online uncomfortable, then you can pay to the office itself. However, most of the bouncy castle providers in the UK after the physical delivery of the castle and other installation equipments to the venue. In fact, the castle operator might not inflate the unit until he receives the payment totally. Nevertheless, the terms and conditions of payment for an office event or corporate party might vary- make sure that the customer care center of your chosen agency explains the knick knacks of payment lucidly and with full transparency.

Q2. Will You Get Conformations Of Payment Made Or Received?

Organizations which are truly professional will definitely send an acknowledge mail to its customers, indicating the amount once the payment is received! They will also send you the date, as well as the time of delivery which you should take a note of! Any negligence regarding delivery or issues like denial of receiving payment can be subjected to legal trial.

Q3. What is the cancellation and/or refund policy?

Factors like heavy rain or excessive rainfall can be a reason for order cancellation for both parties. But bookings kept for in-house parties are rarely cancelled, unless the event organizer intimidates. Most of the premier bouncy castle hiring agencies offer full refund if order cancellation is done due to harsh weather conditions. But if the order is cancelled for any personal reason from the organizer’s part, then the company might retain the deposit amount. Once again, this is a subject to the company’s consideration. Regular customers might get a full refund under certain circumstances.

Q4. What if the castle is found to be damaged?

Bouncy houses do get damaged for a number of reasons. You might need to pay on compensatory grounds if the unit you hired receives damage for negligent supervision, fire exposure and similar factors that might to credited to your riders or you. Additionally, you may need to pay for the missing parts, if any.

Your service provider will be to best people to elucidate in this regard. Before hiring a unit, have a detailed talk about its terms and conditions via emails or phone. Also, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the company website.

There are so many companies offering bouncy castles in Northampton. Of course, each of them offer competitive price, their units look cool and riding them will be fun for sure. You can shop around to your heart’s content before zeroing in on to any unit. The basic idea is to get maximum fun and value added service for the best price possible. And to get it, a little bit of company research won’t disappoint you.