Leather is something that has been used since 1300 BC for making articles which require durability and flexibility. This centuries-old material is still very much in use today. In fact, most of the belts, wallets and shoes are made out of leather these days. Leather has captured a large amount of market share in the fashion and apparel department. Another department which leather has prevailed in for centuries is furniture. Throughout history, different cultures used leather furniture to adorn their homes. The rich and wealthy often spent humongous amounts just to procure leather furniture.

In recent times, a disturbing trend in terms of leather furniture can be seen. The trend is that most of the people investing in leather furniture are the ones who have already purchased it previously. Only the ones who have first-hand felt the benefits of leather furniture are going for it. Many people still remain apprehensive about purchasing their first piece of leather furniture. To deal with this, we will be clearing some common misconceptions about leather furniture in this segment.

1. Leather furniture gets easily scratched and damaged :

This common misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. This misconception was born because of the glossy finish some pieces of leather furniture have. The truth is that leather as a material is much more durable than fabric or cloth. It can handle much more stress and strain. It doesn’t undergo wear and tear easily despite continuous use. It rarely gets scratched or damaged. It is water resistant and easy to maintain. Its durability and reliability have been tested throughout history.

2. Leather furniture doesn’t last long :

Again, this cannot be farther from the truth. Leather furniture has the potential to last decades unless it is misused. The misconception that it doesn’t last long was probably born because it has an elegant finish and people believe that the finish will wear off over time. The long life of leather has been utilized throughout history to make articles that will last longer. Office chairs are made of leather since leather can handle the strain of being continuously used. Even shoes and belts are made out of leather so that they can last longer. The durability and long life of leather is something you can count on while investing in leather furniture.

3. Pets can damage the leather furniture :

This misconception probably came into being since pets have sharp nails which people feel can damage the furniture. The truth is that fabric furniture is more likely to get damaged by pets. Your pet’s sharp nails can get in between the strings of the fabric and cause it to rip and tear. Leather is one smooth sheet, so it will not get damaged by your pet’s nails or claws. Leather will not get scratched and its finish will not wear off if pets climb over it or stay on it. Hence not investing in leather furniture because you have pets is a mistake which you shouldn’t make.

4. Leather furniture is costly :

This is a belief which may have come into being since in the olden times leather furniture was seen as a mark of opulence and stature. However, these days leather furniture has come within the common man’s reach. You will no longer have to shell out a fortune to purchase a piece of leather furniture. This affordability is thanks in part to stores like Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture which focus on bringing high-quality leather furniture to the masses.

We hope that with this article, we have cleared some of the misconceptions regarding leather furniture. Leather furniture is a durable and affordable choice of furniture for you to adorn your home with.