Common methods for fixing printer problems

Printer devices get into issues very often. But you can easily troubleshoot most of the printer issues. Whenever the printer gets into an error, you should try manual techniques for troubleshooting the error. When you can’t fix the issues, you can also ask the printer technical team for help.


Paper jam

The very common error on every printer is the paper jam. When your printer gets into a paper jam, you have to remove the junk. Paper jams mostly occur on DMPs. Open your printer and check for the stuck paper. The paper got stuck into the paper roller and started showing error. Clean the paper roller and take out the stuck paper. Sometimes this error appears when the pages are not aligned on the paper tray. Align all the pages now again take printouts from your device.


Connection error on printer

The printer can show an error when it gets into connection issues. When the printer is unable to connect with the commanding device (PC, Mac, or phone device) then it shows the error. For Epson printer communication error Mac; check your USB cable. If you have connected the printer via network then inspect your router. Connect the printer to the Mac device using any means and then take the printouts.


Printer showing a low ink message but printing

Some printer users reported that their printer device is showing a low ink warning message but the printer is working. Every printer brand has different ink levels of warning. Some printers show the ink warning message when the ink drum is empty. But some printers start showing the ink message when the ink level is low. When the printer is showing a warning but the printer is working then you can use the printer until the ink drum gets empty completely. But refilling the ink before the drum gets empty is a better opinion because the printout quality gets poor on low ink levels.


The printer is running very slow

The printer can show the speed issues due to numerous reasons. The common reason behind the printer speed issues is the connection. Always use a high-speed cable on printer. If you are taking direct printouts then place the printer nearby the PC. For network printing, check the router speed and keep the printer near to the router. Speed error can occur when you are using an old printer.


The printer is in an error state

Your printer gets into an error state when it can’t communicate with the PC. The communication issue appears due to the driver error. If the driver is outdated; update it. Your printer driver can also get corrupted due to malware and runtime error. Reinstall it from the printer’s website and then check for the error state.


No cartridge error

While taking printouts, some users face No cartridge error. This error mostly occurs when the printer can’t find the cartridge. Reinstall the ink cartridge on the printer. Your printer can’t get the cartridge when the contact pins of your cartridges are bent or damaged. While using a new cartridge, users sometimes forget to remove the tapes and clips from the cartridge sideways. Remove the tapes and now reinstall the cartridge on the printer and check for error.


Poor print quality

The print quality of the printout can get ruined due to numerous reasons like low voltage, poor ink quality and poor paper quality. The printout can also fade out when the voltage is low and the printhead is unable to get heated properly. If you want good printouts then always use good quality ink. Using a third-party cartridge will surely affect the print quality. These third-party cartridges can also damage your whole printer. Now check the quality of the paper and make sure it is not extremely thick on thin otherwise the ink will bloat. Use good quality pages for your printouts. If you can’t resolve printer-related issues then you can easily ask the printer technical team for troubleshooting your issues.

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