When it comes to your car, it is important that you take your car in for regular maintenance checks, to avoid some of these common car woes.  You need to keep your vehicle in good condition or what started as a tiny crack in the windshield could well spread all over, to shatter the same to pieces. Just check out some of the common car woes and find out how you can fix the same.

  • Warning lights: This is one of the most common car issues that most car owners face at some point in their lives. When the warning lights show up on your dashboard, it is essentially your engine control unit letting you know that its sensors have detected an error code. The best thing that you can do under these circumstances is to take your car to the local mechanic and get it checked out.  Just search online for mobile car repair and you should see a listing of all the local repair shops that you can head to, for a thorough maintenance check.
  • Spluttering engine: If you notice your engine spluttering, then for some reason or the other, it is misfiring. This essentially indicates that both fuel and air are not mixing properly and points to an issue in the combustion chamber. This could take place when any of the fuel related parts is outdated and no longer function as expected. Apart from a regular maintenance check, you may also want to replace some of the outdated fuel and combustion components regularly, as and when needed. You may also want to Google tyre repair in Sydney as that should clue you in as whom to approach for your car issues.
  • Fuel efficiency: If you find that your car is swilling more gasoline than the usual, that usually means that your filters, Q2 sensors and other related sensors are clogged, dirty and as a result, the engine has to work twice as hard. This is one of the reasons as to why your engine is consuming more gas by the gallon. What you can do to make your car more fuel efficient is to clean both the fuel and air filters regularly, replace them when needed and more to the point, ensure that all the components are functioning as expected.
  • Dead battery: This may come as a surprise to you but most car owners have little or no clue as to how long their battery is supposed to last and as a result, their cars often conk out midway. A regular battery should last you for 50,000 miles and it is vital that you replace your battery every few years and get it fully charged as well.
  • Flat tires: When you purchased your car, it came with the brand, new, spanking tires; but over time, and prolonged usage, your tires would have had to bear all the brunt of all those many miles. And as a result, these tires are bound to get worn out with their tire treads disappearing altogether. And then there’s the air pressure of the tires to think of as well which often contributes to a flat tire. So to ensure a better lifespan for your car tires, you may want to rotate them with the spares every few thousand miles or so.
  • Squeaking brakes: If your brakes grind or squeak too much, that means that they are worn down. It is advisable that you get the same checked out since a brake can fail when in disrepair and this can lead to unnecessary accidents. And if the brake starts grinding, that means that they need to be replaced right away. So take your car to your mechanic and get the brakes replaced right away.

These are some of the common car woes and how you deal effectively with the same. Remember, that it is not a good idea to procrastinate and if you come across any car issue, you need to get the same attended right away, without fail.