You can do small repairs with a heating system, even when they are as complicated as a ducted heating system, as long as it’s in your small home. And such DIY attempts too, often invite risk, and you should not play around with the complicated machine and ducts when you are clueless. But when you are dealing with an industrial ducted heating system, then you need serious professional help, because when it’s big and commercial, the solution must also come from technicians who are trained to handle commercial ducted heating systems. You will get commercial services in your area on a call with easy booking system when you need help.

Ducted Heating

Ducted Heating

# Various Types of Ducted Heating System Problems

Commercial ducted heating systems encounter various problems. You will hear the technical guys speaking about things like fan related errors, overheating problems and gas errors, and many other problems which are often encountered. Hence, you must know that you will have to call for specialist care, when you get any of the following commonly encountered problems:

  • The Pilot Light Will Not Turn On: – This problem often goes away with a thorough servicing. A thorough service can detect the problem source, or totally eradicate it. When the duct heating system is not serviced for years, then such problems occur. You should hence get it serviced every 2 years, which is the bare minimum necessity to get the best productivity from your heating system.
  • Gassy Smell: – This is another problem. When you smell gas in the air, just don’t delay getting professional help. Only the service men from commercial ducted heating services can deal with such gas leakage faults. Sometimes you will notice the problem and can get the things solved. But if you are not so lucky and have not got the machine serviced for years, then carbon monoxide gas may accidentally leak out in the air, which can be fatal, and this gas do not have any smell. Hence it’s much important that you get your heating system periodically checked and serviced.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat: – If you find out that the temperature controlling thermostat is not working, then it may indicate a problem with the thermostat itself, or the electrical board or wiring. This problem can be fixed in no time by a professional commercial ducted heating serviceman.
  • Air Flow Stopped: – If you find out that the air flow has suddenly stopped, then this also require immediate attention. Only the service person will be able to tell if the problem is due to the ducts or some electrical problem.
  • Keypad Gone Blank: – This problem, may occur due to a few reasons. The power supply to the keypad may be obstructed due to a faulty power cable, or the unit may not be getting any power at all. The circuit board may also be the reason. Whatever the reason is, it’s easy for a professional to fix it in no time. All you need to do is, call the commercial ducted heating service person for this.

Besides, other petty problems which will never occur with periodically and frequently serviced duct heating systems are mentioned below, and even when you get one, it can be solved immediately and effectively by a service person.

  • Loud noise from the heater.
  • Burning smell coming when the heater is running.
  • Cold air coming from the vents.
  • Power fluctuations.
  • Small amount of heat coming and then stopping.

All these problems can be solved with regular servicing, or by calling the ducted heating services which are equipped to handle commercial heaters.

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