Your brick-and-mortar business needs a catchy look about it that grabs people’s attention. When people pass by in their car or while walking, your business should stand out in very noticeable ways. The more your business stands out, the more recognizable it will be in the eyes of the general public. So, your store should be both unique and appealing from the curb view. The following are a few tips to help you reach this goal.

Window Dressing

The displays in the front of your store, those which can be seen through the window, should be oriented around items that are currently trendy. Trendy bricks and mortar stores do well, because they take the time to know what the public is demanding. Plus, they help to set the market trend with their store front displays.

The Principle of Differentiation

When McDonald’s introduced the golden arches as its logo, it became a strong point of differentiation from how other companies represented themselves. This became especially true in how they were viewed from the street. Today, it is easy to distinguish McDonald’s from other restaurants, because the golden arches are visible from a far distance. The approach they took was both eye catching and highly recognizable which has contributed nicely to the food chain’s enduring success. Your bricks and mortar store should be gaining the same type of recognition from its curbside view.

Using Colors

One way to make your bricks and mortar store stick out as different and appealing is to paint the outside of your store with a very specific color scheme. While a lot of buildings look drab, you want your store to be vibrant with colors that immediately grabs an onlooker’s attention. If your store is the same color as the other buildings around it, then your customers may not notice your store among all the similar looking buildings and accidentally drive by without stopping, not knowing they missed your store in the process.

Your Parking Lot

Bright lighting is an attractive quality to a bricks and mortar store—especially at night. Think about it, customers like to frequent places where they feel safe and secure. If your parking lot is overly dark at night, your customers are not going to feel as confident about stopping in after certain hours. This can cause a drop in sales during these hours, but bright lighting can improve your bricks and mortar store’s appeal in this respect. Updating your parking lot with commercial paving to make it look new and fresh can also help to make your store look inviting in the daytime.


Your bricks and mortar store’s curb appeal has a lot to do with how you decide to make your store stick out for your customers. Unlike with residential homes, where the thrust is to make houses in neighborhoods look relatively uniform, this is a practice that kills your ability to do business. Deviating from the uniform look of commercial buildings is how you help your customers to take notice that your store exists and is different from all the other businesses around you. You want your bricks and mortar store to be hard to miss and inviting at all hours of the day and night for which you are operating.