Access is an important factor in the health of a business. You need to make sure your employees and customers can get in during appropriate time, but it’s also important to keep access limited. Too much access, after all, can cause some fairly major problems. Below are just three reasons why you need to limit access to your business’ facilities.


Worker Safety

Your employees are some of your most important assets. If people can wander in and out of your workspace, though, you are putting your workers in danger. It’s not just the possibility of crime that’s an issue—it’s also the danger that’s associated with having unauthorized people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Restricting access to important areas with gated entry or controlled access is one of the best ways to let your employees work in peace.


Unauthorized intruders aren’t the only people that can cause problems, though. If your office closes down for the night at a regular time, you might consider doing a complete lockout after hours. You should be able to trust your employees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have safety precautions in place. If you have access systems that control the door locks, you can set specific times when different level employees will be able to enter the building. While you may have cameras watching anyone who might do anything unsavory, it’s much easier to prevent an employee with malicious intentions from entering the building without supervision.


Crime Prevention

All businesses restrict access to deter thieves. Simply locking your doors at night is one of the most common nods towards theft deterrents, yet it’s incredibly effective. If you really want to make sure your business is safe, you should take things a step further. You should make sure that thieves have no chance to access the areas where they can cause the most harm. This might mean putting expensive equipment behind security checkpoints or simply making sure that there is constant surveillance of your inventory. The fewer chances that thieves have to access your facilities, the less harm they will be able to do.



When someone comes onto your property, you owe them a certain duty of care. There are certainly differing duties of care for different kinds of visitors, but you can even find yourself liable for injuries to trespassers in certain circumstances. If you want to make sure that your business isn’t laid low by an injury lawsuit, it’s a good idea to keep access to dangerous areas restricted. The more work you put into keeping people out of certain areas of your business, the less you will have to worry about injury lawsuits. The reduced risk is worth every penny you spend consulting with a company like Phoenix Fence, Co. about heightened security.


Don’t let just anyone enter your facilities. Keeping access limited to your business protects your employees, protects you from crime, and keeps you from dealing with lawsuits. While it can be expensive to put together a good access system, it is a cost that is well worth paying. With the right systems in place, you can rest assured that your business is able to function more smoothly.