You may not think of yourself as a trendsetter – but you might be in for a surprise when you see how easy it is to update your out-of-date cabinets with a fresh look for 2019. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the box when it comes to putting a little color into your kitchen.

We’ve provided a snapshot of how Orlando, Florida residents can use color and contrast for upcoming cabinet projects.

Contrasting is the New Trend to Try

For customers tired of white or light wood cabinets, the good news is that putting some color back into your kitchen and your cabinets is a desirable look! Not only will you see color popping up in modern kitchens, but you’ll also see an increase in color contrasting.

Appliance and surface colors are getting bolder.

  • Two-toned kitchens move your space away from a boring and monotone look.
  • Dark cabinets contrasted with white or light countertops will give an element of contemporary style and design. 

As an example, take a look at this contrasting kitchen example. See how the dark cabinets in this kitchen pop when they are contrasted with the lighter and brighter countertop colors? Even the blue backsplash pops when placed in between the two.

In this profile you’ll see how a darker countertop pairs beautifully with the light cabinets. Dark or light top cabinets can be colored opposite to bottom cabinets.

The key is color experimentation. Light-colored quartz countertops will work well with dark brown cabinets – or most any bold color that you prefer. Check out I-4 Kitchen & Bath’s photo gallery for more inspiration on contrasting your next planned renovation space

Cabinet and Countertop Colors for Any Space

If you’re not ready to use bold colors on cabinets, consider neutral colors instead, using these pieces as a backdrop. Try using bold colors for countertops. Check out this beautiful aquamarine green countertop from I-4 Kitchen & Bath’s extensive selection.

As another example of this design principle in action, check out this bathroom design that uses white tones for walls and a bold sink countertop. The color choice, known as “rojo alicante” presents a beautiful space inspired by Spanish colonial structures.

Principles of contrast and color are in this season, but you have versatility in how to put those into action. Don’t feel restricted using bold tones in cabinets alone! As shown from the examples above, you can use creativity to use different parts of a space to achieve that modern, contrasting look to wow your guests!

Looking for Cabinets in Orlando Florida?

The most important decision when renovating a space is choosing the right installer. The team at I-4 Kitchen & Bath is ready to assist you in finding the right mix of colors to create a stunning modern look to give your kitchen that “wow” factor.

If you have a new construction or are renovating an existing space, rely on a partner who will help you make the right decisions – with courteous and knowledgeable customer service. Contact I-4 Kitchen & Bath today or visit them online to take the next step in your journey!