Many people suffer from soya and lactose allergy, though they love drinking milk. They will find cold pressed almond milk a great substitute for dairy milk. It is also good to taste. When you take cold pressed almond milk, your body gets all essential nutrients. Cold pressed technology is widely used by people across the globe. This is because the nutrients remain intact in the food. People are getting more conscious about their health and thus want to get readily available nutrients from the vegetables, nuts and fruits. When you use cold pressed juicer for making almond milk, you get to drink it with the enzymes intact. The juicer does generate heat during grinding and squeezing milk; this is the reason the nutrients remain unbroken. As the nutrients do not break, you get proper nutrition from drinking the milk. There are several benefits of drinking almond milk.

Helps in Building Body

If you want to increase your muscle power naturally, then almond milk is the appropriate choice. It is an effective drink in improving the quality of muscles. Riboflavin, a form of iron and Vitamin B present in the milk helps in increasing the muscle. You will get nearly 4% of recommended daily intake of iron when your drink almond milk. Iron also regulates oxygen absorption. The riboflavin is effective in preventing migraine headaches.

Effective in Losing Weight

With the emergence of cold pressed almond milk, weight loss can be possible to a considerable extent. People nowadays are exposed to fast food and re gaining weight rapidly. Weight gain results in bringing many other diseases. If you are gaining weight too, then you must keep a check on it. It is advisable that you eat those foods that are low in fat. Almond milk is very effective in losing weight. It is low in protein and fat. It contains low carbohydrate and is a great source of some essential fat-soluble vitamins, viz, Vitamin A, D and E.

Regulate Blood Pressure and High in Calcium

Calcium is essential for every individual. Almond milk is a great source of calcium. If you take one cup of almond milk regularly, your body gets a good amount of calcium. Calcium plays a key role in building strong teeth and bones. Almond milk contains 30% of your daily suggested calcium and 25% Vitamin D, which plays a significant part in maintaining and building healthy bones. Bones should be healthy for fighting the off risk of osteoporosis that can attack you at the older age. Calcium helps in regulating the blood pressure. It is also required for muscle contraction.

Healthy Heart

It is essential that you have a healthy heart. Almond milk is a great source for maintaining a healthy heart. It is effective in promoting a healthy heart. The milk contains only 5mgs sodium has no cholesterol. Lack of cholesterol and low amount of sodium and only 150 mgs potassium present in the milk helps to keep blood pressure under control and is also amazing in maintaining a healthy heart. So to get all the necessary nutrients in the body, you can choose almond milk as a great alternative to dairy milk. The taste of the milk will make you drink it regularly.

A Great Source of all Nutrients

It is advisable that you drink cold pressed almond milk regularly to make your body function properly. The milk will give you all the nutrients. When you eat cooked vegetables, the nutrients get spoiled, but while you drink a glass of almond milk every morning, you get all the nutrients. The kernels or almonds are crushed using the cold pressed method. The milk extracted using this method is utterly beneficial for the health as it does not damage the nutrients in the milk. You can even keep the milk up to 72 hours, and the enzymes will remain intact. The benefit of almond milk is that you do not have to refrigerate.