That empty space in your bag

Do you remember those amazing school days? How we’d carry those bags full of books every day and how we grew up to just carrying a personal diary or a notebook? How these bags became lighter and lighter as we grew up? Those memories still live afresh in our minds and take us on a nostalgic trip.

Many of us have different coping mechanisms to deal with this sudden rush of emotions that hits us from time to time. Some of us like to sing it out and dissolve it with music while some prefer to dance it off. Some of us like to paint it on a canvas while some of us just write it down in our personal diary. No matter what your coping mechanism might be, we always find our musings in something. And this is how these coping mechanisms become an important part of us, Just the way a musician loves his instruments, a painter loves his Canvas and a writer loves his diary.

Creative and fresh designs –

Creative, out of the box and witty designs never fail to amuse us. Be it one on a classic tee, to backpacks or even the good old notebooks in that case. Well, no matter how much we say not to, but people still judge a book by its cover. You do and so do I! So why not get yourself a book with a nice cover instead? I mean, what is inside does matter, but if the outside is really catchy as well then isn’t it a win-win scenario?

We all have those fond memories of when we’d just bunk our school or college and maybe just go out for snacks, sit in the canteen or just kill a little time. There is always a kind of thrill bunking classes that excites us. So why not get the ‘Bunk Maarte Hai Chal’ notebook and re live those memories because of course, with the current situation, we’ll be more than glad to attend our colleges and schools again (Thank you Covid!). Not just that but this sure will also get a few chuckles out of you every time you look at it, after all, who doesn’t need an excuse to just laugh or smile randomly? At the end, we all could use an excuse to just smile and be happy now can’t we?

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their personal stuff, really protected and private. After all we all have things we don’t feel like sharing, just out little secrets that live and even die with us. So why not make sure you keep your treasured personal diary a secret and get the ‘Keep out’ notebook so everybody knows to keep their distance from it. Not only that, but the great design on the notebook also makes is a good collectible for your collection of diaries to write in. And if not as an outlet for your inner self, you for sure can use it as a cool notebook for those college notes, secret recipes or even those top secret formulas (basically, whatever it is you’re into!).

Creativity and ‘Out of the box’ feel inside out –

Now that you’ve got yourself a catchy notebook, it is only relevant to get yourself a cool and fresh designer bag as well to keep it in. After all, being creative and out of the box is your personality, so why not make sure even your outfit is a pure reflection of you? Get yourself classic designer bags online and make sure you’re dripping in finesse all the way with classic designer laptop backpacks and bags online.

If you consider yourself a nerd and like solving those complex maths problems, then congratulations! You’re exceptionally rare (How are you so intelligent though?). So why not flex your love for mathematics and show everyone that you’re much rather one of those hot nerds with a designer ‘Maths Doodle’ laptop backpack for you to pair up with that amazing new outfit you’re pulling off? After all, it is really fun to be exceptional and different from the crowd.

You can find a wide variety of catchy and classy designer notebooks, t-shirts, accessories, and bags online for the best price. With a countless number of choices, you’re going to find just the right design for you that fits and compliments you just perfectly. No matter if you’re a comic head, design head, the old school color scheme fan, or just a fashion freak, you’ll always end up finding just the perfect design and look for you online!