Christmas Gift Ideas To Give Your Employees

The holiday season is upon us! As an employer, if you haven’t started thinking about ways to send warm wishes to employees and business partners, it’s never too early. End-of-year gifts don’t need to be particularly expensive. The most important thing is to make a lasting impression that creates a strong relationship with employees ramping up their energies for the coming year. On that note, check out some Christmas gifts to give your employees.

Holiday Cards

Business holiday cards are a great way to convey your season’s greetings. Plain cards with “happy holidays” embossed on them are often the norm for many people. But you can take it a notch higher by featuring your company name and other brand essentials like company logo, font, etc.

Corporate holiday cards are best served customized. It gives you the flexibility to pour out your heart and gratitude. A customized corporate holiday card can even help personalize messaging based on individual achievements. The card design isn’t the only area to control the gifting experience.

The mediums and methods used in sending business holiday cards also matter. More so, the envelope with which you package the card. The last thing you want is for employees to treat your greeting and holiday card as they do for unwanted announcements.

Traveling Coupons

If you’re guessing your employees will be making trips during Christmas, you’re far from wrong. And any effort to complement their traveling efforts and reduce the stress during that time of year can be of immense benefit. Unfortunately, they may not reveal their plans, making it hard to determine how to jump in. And there are plenty of great attractions to visit during the Christmas and New Year holidays, leaving many people spoiled for choice.

Sometimes, the best way can be pitching a suggestion. If your employees love to have animal encounters, these Miami Zoo discounts as Christmas gifts can do the magic. Zoo Miami is the space to get an up-close look at several animals, including elephants, frogs, snakes, chimpanzees, and orangutans. You can be feeding a giraffe or petting a rhino while your kids have a field day at their new children’s cypress landing playground.

If you’re one for birds, then it might excite you to know that Miami Zoo features the largest Asian-themed aviary in the western hemisphere. It has a wide range of winged creatures, from bats to peacocks. The capacity for each date of visit has been on and off due to the pandemic from the past year, but a quick visit to Miami Zoo’s website can provide enough details to give an employee and their entire family a Christmas treat.

Wholesale Memberships

The most helpful Christmas gifts are usually in the small things. But a toothpaste might not be the perfect way to convey best wishes, not just to any person but an employee who has spent several business days to ensure your success. That’s why signing them up for wholesale membership deals can be nothing short of the best choice. And it’s even easier to get a great offer from wholesalers during Christmas.

With a custom card, employees can enjoy free shipping and shopping offers. This might not be free money, but it can ensure maximum savings when shopping. Some memberships can also come with other shopping perks, including full refund opportunities.

Books and Stationeries


Book gift ideas never get boring. Whether employees stay home during the holidays or decide to take a trip, your gifts can tag along. There are many bookstores with exclusive offers for new customers and books of a specific kind. If they have kids, children’s books can be a great opportunity for an employee to bond with their families.

Personalized notebooks can also be a great souvenir for employees to keep your brand in mind on their holiday trips. Together with their families, they can paint, color, and have fun. This gesture can be a great way to look out for your families and harness future relationships.

Care Packages

Hampers are staples of the Christmas culture. Care packages allow you to be more creative and thoughtful with Christmas hamper gifts. You can incorporate your business style into the package’s elements by adding company souvenirs. A company magazine might not be beneficial to an employee as a gift, but your employee’s spouse would love to read about their partner and how they contribute to the company. All these can add up to the Christmas gifting experience a great deal.

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