gift-for-your-datePicking your girlfriend a gift that she will really love can be tricky business. Take a moment to read these ideas on choosing the perfect gift and you’ll realize that she’s probably giving you lots of clues on what will make her smile:

Listen carefully…

Looking for the perfect gift for an occasion in a few weeks’ time? Well, start paying attention! In an act called ‘wishful thinking’ ladies are often dropping hints about items that have caught their eye, fragrances that they’d love to own and holiday destinations they’d love to visit. Next time you hear your partner saying ‘I’d love to go there…’ or ‘I’ll get that top when my wages are in…’ make a mental note!

Just ask.

Can’t pick up on any of the hints? Why not just ASK! It might remove the element of surprise, sure, but it’s always nice to get something you really want. If you don’t want to be told exactly what to gift, how about asking your girlfriend to create a list of things she’d like and you can pick and choose; or ask her to create a Pinterest or Spring-pad board where she can post visual gift clues and ideas online. Better still, if she already has a Pinterest account with pins of pretty things, treat her to something she’s admired.

Early days? Don’t take it too seriously.

If you’ve only been together for a few dates, don’t take gift buying too seriously. The act of buying her a birthday, Christmas or valentines present at this stage is sweet enough. You’re probably tempted to opt for one of the clichés – flowers, chocolates, jewelry – but whilst no girl in her right mind will turn them down, there are other more thoughtful alternative that are inexpensive and fun!

Have you already developed in-jokes? Buy her a little something linked to these. Discovered that you have mismatched tastes in films? Buy her a DVD she’ll enjoy but insist you watch it with her. Light hearted, fun-poking gifts are brilliant ice-breakers. They show you are having fun in the relationship and that you care but aren’t too clingy!

Set a budget.

If you’re buying a gift for your girlfriend for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas – make sure you set a budget. If you know your partner will be buying you a present in return, it could be very awkward when you realize you have spent much less, or more, than her.


Still stuck for ideas on the perfect gift? Go undercover and investigate. In secret, seek advice from her closest friends and family members. Female friends might have a greater understanding of her clothing and jewelry tastes, or know her favorite make-up brands. Close relatives might reveal secret dreams and wish that you can make come true as the ultimate indulgence! Has your girlfriend secretly longed to go to Disneyland since the age of 10? Book a surprise weekend away that she’ll love. To avoid suspicion, try asking friends and family in person rather than traceable communications like emails, texts and voice-mails.