Finding a bicycle under the Christmas tree with a red ribbon tied around its handlebars, is one of many people’s fondest childhood Christmas memories.  Of course, bikes for children are quite simple contraptions.  The child will outgrow the bike quite quickly, so there is no need to make the bike particularly complex or precise. Some bike snobs would even classify most children’s bikes in the category of “bicycle shaped objects.”

Bikes for adults, on the other hand, are a very thoughtful gift.  Choosing a bike as a holiday gift for a bike-loving adult requires a lot of planning, financially and otherwise.  Fortunately, there are many websites online that you can visit to check out some of the most popular options available in the market.

The Selection Process

The bike you will buy largely depend on your budget and for whom you are buying it. If you have a flexible budget, you can easily pick the best available bike for anybody. But you may don’t have a huge budget for a bike all the time. No worries, you can still get a decent quality bike for your loved one. All you need to do is check out the products available in the market, carefully examine the features of the bikes like sizes, colors, materials, style and so on to understand the differences between them.

When you check out different products, your goal is to pick the ones that fall under your budget and also you somewhat like the bike but you are not 100% sure which one to buy. Having said that, you must not have your final decision without checking other available options because if you make your decision too early, you may feel after purchasing that another bike was better and more attractive to you. So, make sure you take your time to check the available perfect options within your budget and make a list of 4-5 bikes that you are positive about. At this stage, you can take help of friends and family to make the best selection. They can express their opinions about each bike and you can take some of their comments when making the final decision. If you are spending particularly a large amount for a bike, you can take a day or two before you place the order. This way, you will be able to make a better decision than what you can do within just an hour of research. Sometimes something you like so much today might not be as attractive to you just the next day. I hope following this process will help you select the perfect bike for your loved ones.

The Closest a Website Can Come to a Neighborhood Bike Shop

Perhaps, the SixThreeZero website is the best available as makes it easier for you than ever to buy the perfect bike as a gift for the serious cyclist in your life. So, if you have planning to buy something unique for your brother, friend, boyfriend or maybe yourself, you can check out the wide range of cool bikes available on SixThreeZero website.

One of the reasons that so many people prefer to buy bikes from brick-and-mortar stores is that it is hard to do the customization and assembly over the Internet.  At least, it used to be hard.  The sixthreezero website has a streamlined process for customizing the bike to your specifications with just a few clicks.  The bike arrives fully assembled, virtually ready to ride.  The only adjustments you might need to make are the seat height and the pedal cleats.  You can make those adjustments yourself or have them done professionally at a bike shop.

A Big Variety of Styles

The bikes on the sixthreezero site range from leisurely beach cruisers to hybrid bicycles for more fitness-minded riders.  You can also customize beach cruisers to have three or seven speeds.  This way, you can have the comfort of custom beach cruisers while riding a bike that keeps pace with cars.

With the sixthreezero site, it is easy to find an affordable bike that the recipient will enjoy riding.