With the dawn of an individualist era where everyone can do whatever they want and looks however they want to, it’s no surprise that there are some people out there who are making terrible decisions as far as their look is concerned. To avoid being one of those people, we’re going to show you a few things that you can do in order to make your hairstyle represent who you really are, without coming off as unpleasant from the get-go. There are many ways in which you can express yourself by cutting your hair with different hair shears and tools, and the wildest one isn’t always the answer, so buckle up and check out what we have to say about choosing the best hairstyle for yourself.

1. Length

When it comes to length, we all know the three standard deviations that we’re talking about. There are short hairstyles, medium hairstyles, and long hairstyles. And while you might think that long hair has been the dominant length, there is much to say about the other two which makes them perfect for consideration. If you’re looking to stay fresh and have a look that not many other girls are brave enough to pull off, then you should go for short hair. However, if you would like to retain some of that womanhood and not go too over the top, then you might want to settle with a medium length that blends in both of these aspects perfectly.

2. Color

There is so much choice to be had when it comes to hair color these days. If you thought that you’re just limited to being a brunette, dark-haired girl, or a blonde, then you’re sorely mistaken. You can always dye your hair red if you want to stir a lot of fuss with guys because they just go crazy over that color in particular. If you want to keep it more traditional then you can always go for the browns and blacks, and then there’s the blonde which is also a classic choice though habit more exotic to say the least. However, if you want something crazy that will make you look like a chick from one of those games, then you can go for wild colors such as blue, green, and even pink or purple.

3. Style

Style is everything when it comes to making your hair look up to par with all the other women around you. Choosing the length and the color is nothing if you don’t have the style to pull it off. You can go for waves, curly hair, or plain straight hair if you feel like that’s the vibe you want to give off. We would argue against straight hair though cause it can be rather boring, to say the least. And you definitely don’t want to end up looking like a soccer mom wanting to see a manager. You want to make guys who play the best gay sex games rethink their sexuality.

Try different types of hairstyles and take comments from your friends on which hairstyle you look goods at.