Getting an air conditioner installed is a task in which one always seeks a good advice. The process requires expertise across plumbing, electricity, building codes, ductwork, etc. Many service providers now provide free one year maintenance option. Good research can help you find out the efficient and cost effective installation services. A lower cooling cost and energy efficient cooling are taken into account during air conditioner installation.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

What to keep in mind while Choosing Air Conditioning Installation Services?

  • Throughout the process it is better than the complete checklist is maintained by the technician to see that everything is in place.
  • An efficient air conditioning system is one that can handle the heat load of the place at a low cost. Poor installation is avoided so that in long run it does not cost much.

Factors Considered for Air Conditioning Installation Services

There are certain factors that need to be considered before taking air conditioning installation services. Usually, an assessment needs to be done of the place where the air conditioner is to be installed. The area of the walls is considered, type and area of window and ventilation are also taken into consideration. A house facing sun may require a different approach than the one facing north. The area of place may also help in determining the size of the unit.

Star rating also play an important role in this regard. Thus an onsite consultation is advisable as different places would have different requirements. This ensures that a perfect size unit is installed and also the ductwork evaluation is done at the same time. Also what equipment would suit and economically fit is also provided if one consults the service provider before the installation. Having a perception that a bigger air conditioner is a better choice may be a wrong one as oversized air conditioner might have a short cycle which shows the inefficiency of not having a perfect sized air conditioner.

It is also necessary that after installation the customer is provided with the information regarding the working and functioning of the unit.

A service provider that informs the customer about each information starting from product placement to venting and from service, maintenance to warranty issues should be consulted.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Things involved in Air Conditioning installation services are:

  • Construction of the support
  • Creating vents
  • Fixing the Unit
  • Making necessary corrections

Types of Air Conditioners and their Installation requirements

The 2 types namely the Window AC and the Split AC have some different installation procedure.

  1. For the window AC the outer unit is first securely fixed in the window which should be around 3-4 feet above the floor and then the inner unit is fixed into it. It is ensured that there is easy drainage for condensed water dripping out. Any kind of AC should not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight. A window AC is installed in such a way that the rear end is slightly lower than the front for the proper drainage and this avoids leakage from the front end.
  2. In case of a split AC, the wall must be strong enough to bear its weight. The ideal height for installation is 7-8 feet. A 15 cm open space for proper airflow would be essential. A correct distance between indoor and outdoor unit is essential in order to minimize the loss occurring due to the flow of coolant inside the copper pipes. The copper pipe acts as a connective unit which is installed after both indoor unit and outdoor unit have been placed. While taking air conditioning installation services it is made sure that the unit is away from the heat source.

Consult an Expert

Getting an air conditioner installed by a licensed and trained electrician would always be a great idea as their knowledge of product and experience in this field can really help the customer get the best and economical service.