Kreg Jig pocket holes are made to drill holes into wood. These holes are later joined to hold many wooden planks together tightly enough. This process of joining the wooden planks together is known as Kreg Joinery. It is a very effective way to get a grip on some wooden planks.

You can get your hands on the best kinds of equipment used for these Kreg Jig pocket holes. You first need to understand that get the perfect alignment done with the wooden planks; you need to get a set of screws of the right size.

What will happen if you do not opt for the right size of screws?

It is prominent for every user that their product will have flaws if they do not consider the right size of screws for Kreg Jig pocket holes. Instead of ending up with a faulty product, you will be recommended to go through a list of screws which is best for your Kreg Jig pocket hole. In this way, you will have no issues once you are done with joining your wooden planks.

Variation of screws available

The screws needed for Kreg Jig pocket holes can be varied. Here we are going to guide you towards the dissimilarity between screws. Firstly, the screws are to be chosen depending on what kind of material it is to be used for.

There are different kinds of wood; similarly, there are different types of screws for each one. A screw may not be able to hold the wood together if it is not made for that type. The material thickness can vary from 12mm to 38mm. You will have to choose your screw according to the wood thickness. Secondly, before you go to buy the bolts, you will have to review their screw length, varying from 19mm to 64mm.

How to choose the correct length of screws?

You can never choose any random size of the screw for your Kreg Joinery. It is important to select the appropriate size to avoid any malfunctioning. Screws used for Kreg Joinery comes in three types: zinc screws, blue coat weather resistant screw, and stainless steel screw. These types of screws vary from one another regarding the conditions they are used in.

The zinc screws are made from steel which is covered with zinc coating. These screws are specially made for environments that are kept away from moisture or any humid area (such as tables, book shelves, etc.).

Bluecoat weather resistant screws are made from hardened steel. This type of screw is made for areas which are exposed to little moisture. They are not suitable for extremely humid areas. They can survive the moisture because they are coated with three layers of anti-corrosion material.

These screws can help you in furniture that can be kept in both areas, indoors and outdoors. These screws can be used in kitchen cabinets, benches, mailboxes, etc. since these places contain less level of moisture.

Stainless steel screws are solely made for objects that have continuous contact with water or any liquid. For example, boats, docks, beach chairs, etc. As these products have constant interaction with water, they can quickly make use of stainless steel screws.

To go deeper into details, you will also get to know the thread types of screws used for different purposes (example: coarse, fine, and combination). Choosing the right type of thread for your wood can result in the long-lasting product.

To get a better review on screws used for Kreg Jig, you can get help from, it’s a good source to know in depth about the screws. This website can help you in choosing the best kind of screws for different material types.

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