The best workouts need the best workout outfits. But what makes a workout outfit the best? Is it the fit of an outfit or is it in the material of the outfit? Or does it solely depend on how stylish an outfit is? It actually depends on all these factors and more. The flexibility, the feel, the fabric is what make ordinary workout clothing the best! Thus, these are the key factors that one must consider while buying a workout outfit from reputed stores like Nebbia sportswear.

Tips to buy the best workout outfit for you-


When it comes to the best workout clothes, every aspect has to be perfect, especially the fit. Most of an outfit’s functionality comes from how well it fits you. A size too big will have you struggling to keep your clothes in place without looking too shabby. A size too small will have you tugging at bands pricking into your skin. Both of these scenarios take your attention away from the actual workout and adversely affect your fitness goals.

This makes it important to remember a few points when choosing the right gym wear pants fit for you are-
(a) Leggings should feel like second-skin on your body. It should be snug across the buttocks, thighs, and calves.
(b) The waistband should not be too tight so that it can create the dreaded “muffin top” or should be too loose where you have to keep pulling them up every five minutes.
(c) If the fabric looks distorted or becomes sheer when worn, they might be too small.
(d) You should always prioritize fit and comfort over the size (aka the number on the tag).

2. Fabric

The fabric of a workout outfit can easily make or break the outfit. The feel of the fabric is what ultimately decides how comfortable we feel in the outfit. This comfort and coziness is vital to have a good workout session. Various fabrics, like Spandex, have properties that make the outfit sit snug on the skin without feeling too tight. The support provided by the fabric can go a long way in improving your workout. Also looking for sustainable sportswear in the UAE can be your first step towards a sustainable future.

When it comes to choosing a fabric, it’s important to understand that the firmness of the material will affect how you look at others. Stiffer fabrics will stray away from your body, but stretch across your skin while making an even surface that hides cellulite and other imperfections. A more flowing style of material will cling closer to your body, enhancing tiny flaws and uneven skin surface.

3. Flexibility

Why DO we invest in the best workout outfit? It is often because normal clothes do not allow the same level of comfort or flexibility that workout clothes can. With the different types of fabrics that are now available in Nebbia fitness clothing, workout clothes allow a wide range of motion that is required for a better workout session.

4. Size

As you choose and try on different sizes of gym wear pants, you may find that you like your leggings to fit differently. It’s important to know that the tighter the leggings are on your leg, the more the material will be stretched. If they are too tight, you could end up ripping them. And that’s one thing we absolutely do not want to experience in a gym. We need to consider the stretch of the material to understand the size we need.

Here’s an easy way to calculate your size in leggings that hide cellulite or any leggings for that matter-

Step 1 – OUTER LEG

Measure from the bottom of your ankle to your waist area

Step 2 – INSEAM

Measure from your crotch to the bottom of your leg. Be aware that the inseam measurements are based on a regular inseam.

Step 3 – HIP

Stand with feet together and measure around the fullest point of the hip, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Step 4 – WAIST

Measure around the narrowest part of the waist by keeping the tape horizontal.

Follow these 4 steps and if in doubt, we recommend going a size up in leggings – if you are between sizes, this is the best way to ensure a great fit! If the measurements for your hip and waist are different, select your leggings size using your hip measurement.

5. Style

This is where it all comes down to how you feel about yourself. If you feel affection for the louder colors, go bold out loud! If minimalism is your go-to theme, stay classy with the evergreen muted colors! When it comes to choosing the style of your choice, there are literally no limits! And with the wide range of choice available with stores like Gulfissimo, it is easy to find your own comfort level and your fashion gym wear.

Choose the best gym wear sets for you!

Finding the perfect workout clothing for you might be difficult but using the above tips will surely make your choice easier. The huge variety of fashion gym wear available makes sure that there is something for everyone! Thus it becomes easier still to find the exact clothing that will help us feel comfortable in our own skin while we achieve our fitness goals.

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