Playing is fun but gone are the days when kids used to move out to play together and come home in the evening. Today, outdoor games are replaced with indoor games. Moreover, indoor games have a new era, i.e., digital games, which we call online games.

Playing online games is a fantastic way to spend your leisure time and build mental strength. Numerous websites are available that let you play awesome games totally free. https://plays.org/ is one of my favourite ones. I have enjoyed playing a few of many games listed on the website. Here are some of the fantastic games that I really loved to play and recommend you as well.

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Game: This is a fantastic game where you have to maintain the right position of your fighter plan alongside destroying the enemy ships. Yes, it is a unique online game that will never let you get bored. Instead, it is really fun to play.

I enjoyed playing it with the keypad; however, you can use your mouse buttons for shooting with laser. Moreover, you would love to play this game with headphones on. I found the game halt at the pause screen, which sometimes requires refreshing the page, else you can enjoy it for a long.

Powerpuff Girls Fighting Game: You can’t miss out the strength and charm of these three powerful girls that was a result of experience. Transforming a cartoon into an online game is something next level, which I loved a lot. Believe it or not, even the background music and other sounds used in this game are almost replica of the original cartoon.


However, some of you won’t find it interesting. The reason being, it only has mouse controls and has no all-screen animation that can bind the gamer.

Mr. Bean Backyard Junk Pickup: Another fantastic cartoon turned into an online game. I personally don’t love playing this game. However, you can still enjoy controlling Mr. Bean and compel him to clean the backyard.

Similar to Powerpuff girls, it also has the same touch as the original cartoon. However, the entire game revolves within a limited area, which might make it boring for some.


So, these are some of many games that I played, and would love to share my hands-on experience. I really enjoyed playing different games on this website.

However, one aspect that I think is missing from these games is no full-screen mode. Really!

Playing these marvelous games on full screen is a next-level thing that will be unbeatable with other high-end gaming consoles.

The website includes numerous gaming categories that you can shortlist to find your favorite game and start spending your leisure time.

Among all, I personally recommend playing educational games that will help you build mental strength and turn your enjoyment into the mental workout.

The evolution of online games has today made it possible to stick at a place and enjoy the time as long as you want. However, you should always take care of your physical health alongside mental strength.

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