Not every home is a pet friendly home, period. People, even thou they usually wish the best for their pets, often fail to notice that their houses or flats are not suitable habitats just as they are. Luckily, the changes that need to be made are often very subtle and no drastic rearrangements are required. However, even the smallest adjustments can make a world of difference to the quality of life your pets will have. Here is what you need to do in order for your home to become pet friendly environment.



First of all, to get the full perspective of this subject, you need to start seeing your pet as a member of the family and think about its needs, just like you are thinking about anyone else’s in your family. This is the only way to successfully cover all the areas that need to be covered.

Eliminate obstacles but install them as well

Simply, declutter your home and remove any dangerous obstacles in those places where you wish your pet to have the possibility to freely roam without being in any danger. A heavy vase on top of a counter your cat likes playing with should be found another spot to be displayed to avoid possible accidents. On the other hand, if there are places that present a possible danger for your pet, make them unapproachable. For example, your cats, especially your dogs, should not be allowed the opportunity to climb and walk on the sill of your upper floor window which is always open. The best solution is to install screens.



Even thou this may seem too dramatic, a choice of plants can be a life saving one. There are plants that are highly toxic for cats and completely harmless to dogs. Naturally, vice versa situations exist and this is the case with any kind of pet animal. Make sure you check ASPCA’s intensive list of toxic and unharmful plants before opting for one.

Hazardous substances

By all means, keep all hazardous substances away from your pets. Think of them as little children, if a single dangerous substance exists in your home, they are bound to touch it one time or another, which could leave fatal consequences. To prevent this, lock up any hazardous substances out of your pets. Furthermore,  when you use pest control products make sure you opt for nontoxic ones. Also, since these products need to be left out in the open to be fully effective, make sure you choose odorless and colorless, to minimize their attractiveness to your pets.

No food leftovers

Throw away any food that had left over after any meal. Pets are not supposed to eat the food you eat, at least the majority of it. It is far easier and safer to get rid of all food leftovers than to wonder every time whether your pet is allowed to eat them.

Obviously, there are several things you need to pay special attention too in order to have a completely safe environment for your little friends. However, all of them are quiet easy to master and memorize  and you will soon develop a healthy habit of practicing them regularly, for your and your pets benefit.