When choosing a WIFI plan, budget is always a consideration, even for home or business.  Heavy users will often look for the cheapest deals in the market, where internet speed is not much of an issue for them.  But if you’re looking for a budget or low-cost internet connection, a handful of ISPs offer these types of plans.

Below is a short-list of the cheapest Wifi plans on the NBN here in Australia:

  1. SPINTEL NBN 12/1 – First on the list is Spintel’s Unlimited 12Mbps NBN priced at only $39 per month.  This is the cheapest internet on the market and is suitable for non-heavy users.  If you live alone, on a budget, or perhaps are content with typical mobile browsing, then this internet connection works great for you.
  2. TANGERINE STANDARD 25/5 – The cheapest plan under the 25Mbps evening speed category is priced at only $44.90 per month.
  3. SPINTEL NBN UNLIMITED PLUS – Spintel is yet again offering the cheapest 50Mbps evening speed plan in the market, which costs only $54 per month.  You get a great unlimited internet speed with no contract term.
  4. SPINTEL UNLIMITED PREMIUM – The cheapest NBN 100 plan goes to none other than Spintel.  Yet again, Spintel offers value for money. For only $69 per month, you get unlimited data with 100Mbps evening speed and no contract term.
  5. MATE ELITE SUPERFAST – If you are looking for a superfast internet connection at 250Mbps evening speed, Mate offers the cheapest plan at only $94.90 per month.  Enjoy the perks of speed boosted internet without hurting your pockets.  However, it is only available to select FTTP an HFC customer.
  6. MYREPUBLIC ULTRA-FAST PLAN – MyRepublic’s NBN 1000 plan is great for businesses that require a high-speed, reliable WiFi connection.  Enjoy unlimited data with 350Mbps evening speed at only $105 per month.

If you are a fan of Telstra or Optus, they have cheap bundles too.  Telstra and Optus are two of Australia’s largest internet service providers, but their prices are not as competitive as those mentioned above.  However, they are known to provide the fastest and most reliable internet connections and excellent customer service.  Plus, they offer perks that make you truly feel like a VIP.


This is the cheapest bundle offered by Telstra with an unlimited data plan at $80 per month for a 25Mbps typical evening speed.  It includes a Telstra Smart Modem, phone line, Broadband Protect, plus member rewards.


Telstra’s major competitor, Optus offers their cheapest internet bundle at $79 per month at 50Mbps evening speed with unlimited data.  This is quite an edge compared to Telstra’s 25Mbps. In addition, the modem is free if you stay connected for 36 months and pay a very minimal amount for Booster cost if you choose to upgrade.

There are plenty of cheap WiFi plans in the market ready for you to take.  The only way to choose the best one is to always check on your budget and your usage.

You may be tempted to get Spintel’s $39 package, but it only runs at 12Mbps typical evening speed, and this might not be enough for you and your family. So before signing up, assess your family’s budget allocation for the internet and the heaviness of your usage, especially since you only share one Wifi network.

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