image 2Your friends will tell you, your relatives will tell you, the experts will tell you and even Feng Shui will tell you – it is always good to have a positive change from time to time, especially when it comes to your living space. Naturally, your answer back to them would be that you’d be glad to renovate your home, but that it costs money that you just don’t have at that point. However, now, your excuses are not going to work as here are some of the cheap ways to redecorate your home without breaking the bank


When we talk about textiles, this goes for everything around your home that is made of any sort of textile: curtains, mats, cushions, table cloths, quilts and the like. Once you start thinking about what is made of textile around your home, you will realize that many surfaces are covered with it. Therefore, changing the textiles and replacing them with new patters, fabrics and colors will make a great change around your home and it really doesn’t have to be expensive at all.


Installing dimmers, replacing the light bulbs with new ones, making new lamp covers and experimenting with colors are excellent ways to totally change the mood in your home. All these tweaks are really cheap and most of them can be done with very little money and minimum investments. If you are into some light DIY and you search up some tutorials about how to decorate a lamp online, you will be more than pleased with the results.


Details are what makes the style of your home. Those are all those little things that remind you of your space. These include photos and photo frames, decorative trays, vases, plants, bookshelves and all the other things that you have around your home. If you don’t feel like replacing them or redoing them, consider simply changing their arrangement around the house. As well as the arrangement of the furniture. It makes everything look new.image 3


Since the Internet, blogs and YouTube have been around, a whole goldmine of tutorials about how to do this and that are available to you for free. It is like a big DIY goldmine. In order to give your furniture a new look, you can find the way to touch it up, repaint it and give it a new layer of lacquer. Also, some of these tutorials can have you paint your walls in an interesting way that you wouldn’t think about yourself. Not only that you will get maximum results for a minimum of price, but you will have the satisfaction of doing something on your own and with your own two hands and that is very rewarding.

Trims and Moldings

Your entire room or entire home can be changed totally with some good trims and moldings. They are best done with the help of a professional, just like some plastering services that are also an amazing way to have your home look new and fresh. These works don’t have to be that expensive, but you need to find a good professional to do it if you are not up to the task yourself.

Even the small and little things can change the feeling you have in your home significantly. Just replacing the door knobs around your home and all those holders on the drawers, closets and other details can make the difference. With all these things listed above, your home will definitely look like an entirely new place to live while holding on to that warm feeling of a familiar place.