Everybody hates the unwanted skin problems. One of the main reasons is that they reduce our self-confidence and makes us conscious about our appearance in front of others. One such problem is having Dry skin. Dry skin is a problem in itself and leads to many other skin problems. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the top causes of the dry skin and the pro tips to deal with them. We will also discuss about our top recommendation for dealing with the same in the form of No scars face soap. So, without any further delay, let’s start our discussion.

  • Causes of the Dry skin

Following are the main causes which leads to dry skin: –

  • Genetics:Well, don’t get surprised as many researches have proved that dry skin can be inherited from your parents. Recent study in this regard was done by the University of Dundee, Scotland. But this does not mean at all that this issue can’t be resolved.
  • Hard water: Hard water is the water which is having the high concentration of lead, magnesium and zinc. These minerals can actually leave a film on the skin, which may lead to the dry skin. In fact, the continuous use of the hard water for long time can actually cause the serious dryness in your skin.
  • Dry air: Dry air can be one of the major reasons of the dry skin. People may perceive only the outside air as dry air, but this is not the case. The air inside the house can be as much punishing as outside. The heating systems used in the houses can lead to the heated pushed air which can suck out all the moisture from your skin and can cause serious dryness.
  • Over-washing: Washing your hands and face more frequently can lead to the extremely dry skin. Over-washing sucks the natural moisture of your skin out and makes it look patchy and dull.
  • Weather conditions: Some specific weather conditions can also be blamed for the dry skin. Usually, skin gets drier during the winters/cold weather. Moreover, spending too much time in the direct sunlight can also cause dry skin.
  • How to deal with the problem?
  • The best tip which you could follow in order to deal with the problem of the dry skin is to moisturize it whenever necessary or whenever you get some time. The best time to moisturize your skin can be before going to bed.
  • Exfoliation is another option which helps in removing the excessive dry skin. Our skin naturally makes the new skin cells and sheds the old skin. However, sometimes we have to become dependent upon exfoliation in order to remove that excess dead skin.
  • In order to avoid hard water, it will be better to invest in a residential water filtration system which will help you in maintaining the requisite levels of the minerals in your water.
  • For bathing, warm water should be used instead of using the hot water, as hot water makes the skin dry very fast.
  • Another pro tip is to use the No scars soap, which is one of the best medicated soaps available in the market. It helps in restoring skin’s natural moisture back and makes it glowing and hygienic. This product has Glycerine, which is a natural moisturizer thus eliminating the chances of any side effects on your skin.

These were some of the best tips which you can follow in order to deal with the problem of dry skin. Following these tips continuously for some time will definitely give you the desired results.