Homeowners who live on the east coast and long for an in-ground swimming pool may be relieved to know that it’s possible, but it does cost. The cost to install an in-ground swimming pool in New York City is about $34,000 as of 2018. The rules and regulations for building such a swimming pool cover everything from an alarm system to barriers to a slew of other safety requirements. Another consideration with New York City — and this means Queens, Brooklyn ,the Bronx and Staten Island as there were no private in-ground pools in Manhattan as of 2018 — is that there is simply not enough space in most backyards, even if the homeowners have the money to do so. Because of this, most people on the east coast who have in-ground pools live in the suburbs or what passes as rural areas where lots of space is easier to come by.

Swimming Pool Pros

The benefits of having custom pools Long Island or on other areas of the east coast are many. The family no longer has to drive to the municipal pool, and put up with crowds that can be unhygienic or whose pool etiquette is lacking. A private pool is open whenever the homeowner says it is, whether it is for an early morning dip to welcome the sunrise or a pool party that lasts into the wee hours. Swimming is excellent exercise and just being in or around a pristine body of water is physically and mentally soothing. An in-ground pool is, to be blunt, a status symbol. This is especially true if the homeowner has the only in-ground pool in the neighborhood.

Swimming Pool Cons

It must be said that the great drawback of an in-ground swimming pool is its cost and its maintenance after it’s installed. A pool almost always adds a few dollars to the property tax bill but doesn’t necessarily raise the property values. There are local ordinances to follow, and the pool season in the east coast is not very long. Many people open their pool in June only to close it by mid-September or maybe early October at the latest.

Still, most people who have their own in-ground pool happily pay the costs of installing and taking care of it. The freedom, beauty and convenience that the pool brings to their family and guests far outweighs any drawbacks. The only thing more satisfying than looking out the back window to see a pool full of sparkling, sky-blue water amidst beautiful landscaping is putting on a bathing suit on a scorching hot day and diving in.

Types of In-Ground Pools:


Many people confuse concrete with gunite. Concrete is a material while gunite is a method that forms the shell of a concrete pool. Concrete is tough but needs to be acid washed every three years to discourage algae and mold. Since the acid wash does some damage to the concrete shell, it will eventually need replastering.


Many homeowners choose vinyl for their in-ground pools because it can be formed into attractive shapes. Vinyl is so easy to clean and take care of that many homeowners take on the tasks themselves rather than hiring a pool contractor.


Fiberglass pools are also made of shells, but these shells are pre-made much like the shell of a garden pond. They are probably the easiest types of pools to take care of, but they are never extremely large. A fiberglass shell that is too large is at risk of breaking.

Other accouterments that can come with a swimming pool include spas, sliding ponds, special lighting, waterfalls, plants and rocks, decks and diving boards.



Building and enjoying an in-ground pool on the east coast is not impossible. A well-maintained swimming pool adds beauty to the property and is a source of pleasure for the homeowner, their family and their friends.