Hi, this post is another one from my quasi-extinct blog. But, I thought of reposting the article again with modifications. A bit controversial it may sound, (especially, girls may dislike me for this …LOL), however, it’s a topic worth raising. So, check this out.

Friendship is a beautiful and enjoyable bond, isn’t it? I’ve already talked about friendship between a boy and girl. Now, we all know that friends are the best people to share things with and to confide things in. They stand by you in your weal and woes, contribute to your happiness, and take a lion’s share of your distress all the time. They smile when you smile and become sad when you feel like crying. Really, it is a boon given by God to humanity. It is truly a divine virtue to inculcate, a gracious aspect to develop and a social practice to go by.

Now, I have an inquest about this lovely friendship. This time it’s only about girls. Does true and unconditional friendship prevail between two mature girls? I know this  is a million dollar question, isn’t it? Let’s proceed on this and what we can get out of it.

In my span of life, I have noticed that a true and categorical friendship does not bloom between two girls. There are, of course, exceptions to this. But, in general, a girl always finds a competitor in her best friend, be it in study or in social status. But Friendship between girlswhat tops the chart is the competition of looks. Who looks more beautiful is what keeps them worrying. They love to be complimented for their looks but not at all in comparison of another girl. They cannot stand it. If a girl is eulogized in front of another, she will smile but with a heavy heart. And, if that girl happens to be her best friend, then the smile becomes agonizing at heart. They do love and care for each other; however, a sense of insecurity reigns over their feelings and emotions. The friendship suffers.

The insecurity of standing alone in the crowd of people, especially amidst the male counterparts, is what impacts their tender minds. They grow envious of their best pals, if they feel ignored or left out. They can hardly put up with the fact that they are undervalued in comparison of other girls. It is an inhibition that prevents girls from taking things lightly when it comes to appearance, dignity, importance in the peer group, societal status, and the like. At times, they find it more comfortable to share something to a guy than to a girl. It maybe because, they believe, her words will be valued and kept in tact if they are disclosed to a man. A girl does not even miss a chance to reprimand any deeds of another girl, if they are not likable by her. She unequivocally disapproves any compliments, particularly physical, credited to other girls but at the same time, she does the opposite if those compliments mean for a man. Why…? I don’t know but it happens, doesn’t it?

If a girl introspects, she might find the underlying cause of it but it is an open secret now that girls do not like to be best of friends. For them, good understanding and careful men are the better choice. I may be wrong but that is what I have noticed in girls.

I do not wish to go into an argument with this but I seek honest and frank feedback from you, both from boys and girls. How do you rate this? Do you agree to what I have noticed? Well, what said above is my own perspective collected from my experiences. I am sure you’ll have other thoughts on this. Let us and the readers know how this statement goes ‘that girls are not best of buddies‘. Share your views in the comment box below and take this topic further.