Currently, we are living in a world that has the best and worst of things. On the one hand, it has the best technology. And on the other, the modern-day lifestyle has given rise to hypertension. It mainly generates from the fear of not being able to attain what one wants to. And it’s the source of all types of anxiety. The medical world has various cures and treatment for anxiety. Light medication and diet change can be helpful. And when it comes to treating anxiety, the use of CBD oil also is taken to be a potential cure. There have been instances where CBD oil has been able to relieve people of acute personal and professional anxiety.

CBD oil and anxiety cure

 There are times when anxiety can result in massive panic attacks. Measured consumption of CBD oil is said to reduce stress and its allied impacts. The CBD oil will work in co-operation with B1, a brain receptor. This receptor is a set of small proteins attached to cells which receive chemical signs from various stimuli so that your cells can respond.

How does CBD impact B1? This question to date lacks complete clarity. Researchers consider this to be some mysterious working of the brain. But it’s said that when the shift happens, it modifies the serotonin signals of the brain. The serotonin is a body chemical that has a crucial role in our mental health condition. Depression occurs when there’s low serotonin. And lack of serotonin can also result in anxiety in many people.

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Research and evidence for treating anxiety with CBD oil

 Today, many studies indicate that CBD oil can cure anxiety. Experiments conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse assert that CBD oil has effectively minimized tension in animal studies. In the experiment scientists gave the subjects a very low dosage of CBD oil for borderline anxiety. The result shows psychological signs such as maximized heart rate seemed better.  Some studies highlighted the benefits of CBD oil on various other types of anxiety such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), SAD (Social anxiety disorder) and anxiety-induced insomnia.

Back in 2011, the Journal Psychopharmacology published an interesting study conducted on the impacts of CBD oil and SAD. The participants of this study took a 400 milligrams dose of CBD oil and the results were phenomenal. Those who consumed CBD oil witnessed healing from anxiety at many levels that were soothing.

Other than treating anxiety, CBD oil also effectively treats a couple of neurological conditions also. Back in 2016, studies revealed that CBD oil could also help treat schizophrenia. Several researchers have suggested the use of CBD oil instead of any antipsychotic drugs, which could have had harmful impacts.

The fact whether CBD oil can treat mental conditions and anxiety or not is an ongoing discussion. One school of thought supports it, whereas the other considers it to be a classic case of the placebo effect. Regardless, of the conclusion, you can always try CBD oil to witness its benefits in your daily working life.