If you have used a smartphone for 5 minutes, you can’t be without it for the next 5 hours. Yes, this is what smartphone for the present generation. Technological benefits have gone beyond the borders to make this device for anything from everything in a person’s life. It is nothing but the amazing features that make it an inevitable device for the present people. So, when you buy a smartphone in Nigeria, never miss these important features to make it not a toy for the kids.

Lightning speed processing

Speed still continues to be the governing factor of the smartphone. Do you love the apps lagging and the swipes taking an eternity? This is more than enough to spread heat to the head. You need the phone to work with lightning speed to make the things best for you. Present people are so busy and never like to wait for anything. You are not an exception and hence look for a high-speed processor. Now Mara phone, the first ever smartphone to get birth from Africa is said to be the best smartphones in nigeria with lighting speed processor.

Great camera

Good numbers of people in Nigeria has gone photo maniacs with smartphones. You need not to be a photographer to capture the good moments in your life. A great camera that comes as one of the fantastic features of a smartphone makes you the best photographer in your life. The most amazing factors are the now phone camera is not just to take the photos, but also to do surprising things like visual search. One thing is sure that a smartphone is now the best camera than a phone.

Multiple windows

Now open multiple windows on your phone just like the computer. Use multiple apps at the same time to get engaged in different tasks with ease of touches. Chat with your friends at the same time of checking the mails. Listen to the music and check social media updates. Mara phone, that is developed on Google’s Android One Programs help you customize the phone in the way you wish it and to use multiple features without any limitations.

Plenty of storage place

Even though Android phones provide cloud storage to save most of the media, your phone needs plenty of storage place, since there are a lot of things to save in the phone other than contacts. Latest phones in Nigeria come with a storage place that ranges between 16 and 32 gigabytes of storage. Plenty of storage place keeps your phone always energetic instead of going lazy demanding frequent clean-ups.

Facial recognition

Smartphones are one of your most important personal assets. You never like anyone to misuse the phone and to check for personal contents. This is the reason why reputed brands give utmost importance to safety. Now no one can unlock your phone without your presence. Get the smartphone with the facial recognition system that unlocks only when you look at the screen as per the settings.

In all terms, Mara is one of the latest smartphones in Nigeria to select from if you love to add revenue to the country and to enjoy the real speed and performance in using a smartphone.