Are you planning to buy a property in Turkey? Buying a property overseas seems quite a complicated task. There are a number of risks associated with buying an overseas property such as:

  • The risk of being cheated and losing money as well as valuable time

  • The applicable laws and legal systems governing real estate transactions are different in different countries

  • Flaws in the legislation governing foreign nationals buying property in a particular country

  • Lack of direct control over the process of buying an overseas property

  • Language barriers, etc.

However, if you are planning to buy a property in Turkey, you might be taking a right decision. Turkey is an exotic and culturally rich place that attracts a number of holidaymakers throughout the world to its shores every year. As compared to various popular European destinations, Turkey is an economic place to live and holiday. So, it is worth considering, especially if finance is your main concern.

The Turkish property market is flourishing day by day. You can easily find a lot of apartments, houses, and luxury villas for sale in Turkey. You just require to carefully choosing a property that best suits your needs, budget, and expected lifestyle. A higher percentage of new build apartments, villas and off-plan developments in Turkey could be your best bet if you are planning for property investment in Turkey.

Some of the most popular areas in Turkey for property purchases, not only for the locals but also for foreigners are:

  • Istanbul: Istanbul is one of the most popular and biggest cities in Turkey. Being the only city that spans two continents, Istanbul is best known for its traditional charm and a mixture of different cultures. With its several neighborhoods, this city has become a foremost choice of property buyers. Istanbul is currently offering some of the best opportunities in Europe with high growth and low risk. Apart from luxury living in the form of luxury villas and apartments with fantastic leisure facilities, off plan projects are also in demand for summer apartments, weekend residences, studio rooms and more in Istanbul. This beautiful city has everything to offer to everyone in terms of outstanding infrastructure, huge array of architectural designs and modern housing facilities.

  • Fethiye: If you are looking for an area where you can enjoy year round sunshine, white sands, striking mountain views, culture and history, then Fethiye will be the perfect choice. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Fethiye is a hot popular holiday destination in Turkey. At present, the property market in Fethiye is sizzling and offering the best opportunities for investors. With the rising demand of apartments, houses and villas in Fethiye, the real estate sector of this wonderful city is experiencing new heights like never before. If, your key reason of buying a property is for investment purpose, then Fethiye will be the best choice.

  • Bodrum: Located on the Aegean coast, Bodrum is amongst the most popular holiday and investment destinations in this country. This beautiful city attracts a large number of budget property investors as well as luxury buyers. One can easily find here a large range of apartments and villas with the latest architectural trends and modern furnishings. Owing to its geographical location, pleasant climate, wonderful atmosphere and rapidly flourishing tourism sector, the real estate market in Bodrum is emerging as one of the most prosperous sectors in Turkey.

After you have decided to invest in Turkey’s real estate sector, there are several things that you must be aware of. Some of the important things to consider while buying property in Turkey include:

  • You must be aware of the local property laws, including the rules and regulations regarding the property buying process in Turkey

  • It is advisable to hire the services of an experienced attorney who can guide you well through the buying process

  • In order to avoid any mishaps, try to know as much about the country as possible

  • A good knowledge, thorough research and local professional advice are vital to avoid any issues or pitfalls along the buying process

Property investment in Turkey has been on the rise in recent years. There are several benefits of investing in Turkish property. You’ll get a good value for money, beautiful climate, low cost of living, easy access to a number of airports and a lot more.