Looking for car storage? If yes, then don’t worry as there are plenty of options available for you. Nowadays, everyone owns a vehicle. If you are a family man, it is important for you to own a car as it decreases the transportation cost of your whole family on several occasions where you travel together. But it is very difficult to find a parking space for your car. Due to this space crunch, you can look for indoor or outdoor car storage.

Car Storage

Car Storage

What are the things you need to consider before selecting storage? 

You need to measure the size of your car before you select a space. You also must keep in mind the tax charges that you have to use when you are using car storage. This tax charge changed from one place to another. This tax should be shown on the receipt for the cost of the storage unit.

What is outdoor car storage? 

Usually, outdoor storage can hold up space up to 20 feet. Thus, they can be widely used for storing any vehicle, including a car. Different kinds of length suit different kinds of cars. Some outdoor storage units also consist of coverage facilities which help to protect your car from the sun or dust.

What do you mean by indoor car storage? 

Indoor car storage spaces are more suited for small cars. They mostly take up space up to 15 feet. You must keep a check on the height of the indoor space, especially if you own vehicles such as pickup trucks. There is always a garage door present in case of indoor storage. Be careful of the width of your car. If the width of the storage is smaller than the width of your car, then your car cannot enter such kind of place.

Now you can choose either one of the above for your car storage. But you must look after certain things before you keep your car in car storage. They are:

Car Storage

Car Storage

  • You need to check whether your car is clean or not. Since you will be keeping your car in the storage, it might attract pests such as ants or rats. If you don’t keep your car clean and if food crumbs are present, then your car will be vulnerable to such kind of pests.
  • You must leave the window of the car slightly open. This is because a little bit of light enters your car. Your interiors will not become too hot if you leave your window slightly open.
  • If you are planning to keep your car in the storage unit, you must remove the car battery. Batteries tend to get damaged if they are unused for a long time. Damaged batteries can also damage your car beyond repair. Thus, it is advisable that you leave the batteries outside your car.
  • You must change the oil of your car before you keep your car in the storage unit. Oils often contain harmful corrosive particles. These particles can damage your car and thus, it is advisable to change it before you decide to keep your car in a storage unit.
  • It is advisable to fill up your tires properly if you want to store up your car for a shorter period. Even if you over-inflate your car tires, it will not be a problem. But if you plan on keeping your car in the storage unit for more than 60 days, then you might have to remove the tires from your car. Keeping the tired unused for a long time will make them vulnerable to flat spots. Thus, it is advisable to use jack-stands instead of tires.

So what are you waiting for? Go plan for a trip and store your car safely in a car storage unit!